Thursday, 25 October 2018

Day Nine - Shopping

So here we are in Week Two and I decided whilst I was at Asda buying some none food items for the house to get in some supplies for the Challenge.

My usual yogurt was on offer at just £1 so I decided to have a bit of normality in my life and pick up a tub.  It will do me four breakfasts along with some of my fruit ... these two bananas and perhaps some of the tinned peaches or mandarin pieces.

I also bought the orange juice as I am painfully aware that my fruit and vegetable consumption is below what I thought it would be.  Just a glass a day over four days will help pull the numbers up, and no doubt be good for me too.

So I spent a total of £2.10 in Asda

And to bring things up to date (I get to use the computer on a very intermittent basis at the moment so I am doing this shopping on the same post) I bought these last night from Tesco.

Of all things I was fancying some stuffing balls.  Tesco used to do a basics line box for just 15p but seemingly that has been discontinued, the same size box of their own brand label was 25p but this larger one was just 40p so seemed a much better buy.  Of course with stuffing balls you need some gravy ... well I do ... so I bought some of their new label 'Stockwell' gravy mix,totally vegan and just 20p.  Stockwell has replaced the old basics 'stripey line' in a lot of the packet foods.

And then I had a peruse of the Reduced Section and came across these bread rolls for just 16p, it was a no brainer I just had to get them.  Now some of my stuffing mix, some beans and maybe something else will be turned into burgers to go onto my new 3p each buns.

A total of 76p was spent in Tesco.

So this weeks shopping has set me back the grand sum of £2.86.

I have £6.61 left in cash for the final two weeks.



  1. Great idea to make burgers out of the stuffing mix and beans etc, Sue. I love sage & onion stuffing, can be used to add flavour and bulk out all sorts of things. Some good bargains there, well done, it's amazing what we can do to reduce our food costs if we really make the effort isn't it? You inspire me, thank you.

    1. I've always loved packet stuffings, even when I was a meat eater I would have had an extra stuffing ball instead of a slice of chicken if it was offered :-)

  2. You are doing very well with this challenge, people these days just don't think about how much they are spending in the supermarkets, take that BBC One programme Eat well for less for example, I can't get my head around how much people spend. I will happily try the basic brands.

    1. Thank you.

      It is easy to slip into the 'auto-pilot shopping mode' and just chuck known and liked big name brands into your shopping trolley out of habit ... something I was slipping into doing for the first time in years. When a few of my shopping trips ended up with a much larger than usual tally at the checkout I thought to myself 'it's time to do something about this' ... hence the Challenge.

  3. Once again I am amazed at the prices in the UK. 10pence is roughly 18cents CDN. A box of store brand stuffing is at the cheapest promotion 0.99 cents. The same sized tub of yogurt at store brand level (so nothing specialized) is $1.99.

    Our reduced to clear baked goods are usually 30% off.

    1. Don't forget I am buying from the really cheap end of most lines. But I do understand what you are saying. There are exactly the same products in posher packaging that can be four times higher than the prices I'm paying. It takes time, canny shopping and sometimes even a calculator to work out the pricing system and learn to recognise which brands are cheapest each week. Our prices are really fluctuating at the moment and pack sizes are also shrinking.

      If you're in the right place at the right time we can get brilliant end of day bargains here though as some shops reduce goods to 10 or 20p for the last hour of opening times. Unfortunately we live too far from the supermarkets to be able to take advantage of this regularly.

    2. Our store brands are the cheapest options.

      Last month, my friend and I travelled around Scotland and did a bit of food shopping. We were both amazed at the prices. We compared Asda and Walmart (same company) and you have a far better food selection and better prices overall

    3. We seem to have an extra tier or two of prices then. We have the big brand names, then the store 'luxury' brand, then the stores usual brand and THEN the value/basic lines.

  4. You're doing brilliantly! As Sooze said, it is inspirational. Thank you.
    J x


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