Tuesday 2 October 2018

The £10 Store Cupboard

300g Nescafe Coffee  £4.50 Asda
(on special offer)

I'm allowing myself a starter store cupboard, as even when those 'shit hits the fan' times come you usually have some food in your cupboards ... even if it's not that much.

So I gave myself £10 to spend and ended up spending £9.89 of it.

I did my research on mysupermarket.co.uk before venturing out and chose to visit Asda and Tesco.  Then I discovered Ground Black Pepper in B&M for 59p instead of the 70p I had budgeted for in either of the other shops.  I would have been under budget anyway, but somehow it was even more satisfying to save another few pennies.

All prices were correct on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 *

27p  Asda

70p  Asda

75p  Asda

79p  Asda

30p  Asda

41p  Asda

38p  Asda

£1.20  Tesco

59p  B&M

So I have a ten item under £10 store cupboard.

It could of course have been cheaper still if I'd gone for the basics brand coffee, but I drink Nescafe all the time and when I saw it was on offer I just had to go for it, although it meant I could not afford a bag of flour in my larder.  I just have to hope the 300g sized jar will last me for the full 28 days as I doubt I will be able to afford another!


* Some readers might have noticed that this post has been edited slightly.  

Prices altered and stock was withdrawn in between me making my choices on mysupermarket.co.uk one day and going to Asda and Tesco to get my shopping the next.  The original choices of Olive Oil and Garlic Granules were no longer available, and prices went up.  Luckily with a bit of tweaking, including removing something I had added thinking I had more money over, I have still managed to come under my £10 allowed budget ... just!!

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