Thursday, 25 October 2018

Day Nine - Meals

Breakfast - Porridge.

We're both having a lot of porridge at the moment, but it's a lovely filling and warming start to a busy day.

Lunch was a bit similar to this, but served with a large side salad.   (3)

I went to visit Mum in Manchester,  and we went for lunch at Wyevale where currently on the specials menu is a very tasty vegan Parmigiana.  It was delicious.

I am allowing myself this step away from the Challenge - because I'm the boss and I can!!

After driving home and dreaming of stuffing balls (like you do) I called at Tesco and picked up the shopping shown on the last post.  This formed the basis of a very tasty and filling tea.  (1)

Four of my five a day managed today.



  1. Love parmigiana, I make it quite often, sometimes with chicken, sometimes a veggie version.

    1. It really is a delicious dish, even the Wyevale version!

  2. Porridge makes a lovely and sustaining breakfast, doesn't it?

    1. It really does, and it has lots of health benefits too.


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