Tuesday 16 October 2018

Day Three - Meals

Porridge and black coffee.

Vegetable Soup for lunch,

And a read of my favourite magazine, it's mostly in the photo so you don't get fed up of a bowl of soup every  day!!  (3)

My tea was Spaghetti Pie.  (3)

Think Shepherds  Pie but with spaghetti and pasta sauce instead of mince or lentils as the base.  It was very tasty, but perhaps a bit sweet for my liking, I really don't have a sweet tooth anymore.  I may have put more salt than I should have on it to savoury it up a bit.

Yay ... I managed six of my five a day!!


(Number in brackets = 5 a day servings.)


  1. Very resourceful and inventive use of the leftovers, Sue. A cottage pie of any description is lovely, especially if it's topped with something other than plain mash (nice as that is!).

    I see you're getting the gmail spam as well - blasted nuisance that it is.

    1. I love hot buttery mash, plain or not ☺

      I'll send the blasted gmail spam to the spam folder when I'm on the PC, in the meantime I'll just 'Delete Forever', the next best thing, as you say It's bloody annoying though 😡😠

  2. The pie looks delicious. I suppose carrots are very sweet - salt and pepper might help or do you have access to marmite right now?

    1. Marmite is the food of the devil ... salt and pepper will do 😆😆😆


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