Tuesday 16 October 2018

Day Three - Oooh , the Freezer is Full

After the barren start at the beginning of the Challenge, here we are just three days in and the freezer is already looking a lot healthier.

As you can see I already have some meals in stock ... four portions of vegetable soup and four tubs of pasta sauce.  Meaning that even if I am having a lazy can't be bothered to cook much day I can still have a healthy meal in a few minutes.

Alongside these are my three tubs of grated cheese, my little lemon ice cube, 400g of my bought chopped frozen peppers, a bag of lemon slice halves, my frozen cubes of blanched spinach, my sliced brown bread ... and finally just about to be popped in are some potato and carrot peelings. Bagged up ready to be added to the next pot of soup I make.

This morning I decided to make some mash to go with my leftover spaghetti and sauce from last night, to turn it into a proper meal for tonight.    I've heard of 'Pizza Pie' so why not a Spaghetti pie?

I'm getting obsessed with weighing things.

But only the carrots in this mash will count as one of my 5 a day.

I even weighed the peelings before I put them into a bag and popped them into the freezer,  I told you I'm obsessed  :-)

The spaghetti and sauce will form the base and will be topped with a layer of the lovely carroty mash.

Bubbling away nicely.

Left to steam dry a little bit before I mash them.

Once mashed half of the mixture was put on my Spaghetti Pie and the other half is now leftovers for another meal.  The water the veggies were cooked in will also go into the fridge ready to go into the next pot of soup I make.

Nothing is being wasted.



  1. I am amazed and huguely impressed - it's a brilliant thing you are doing.

    1. Thanks, once again I'm finding it very satisfying ☺

  2. When I was at college all the veg peelings went into the stockpot, it yields a very rich stock full of flavour and onion skins help with the colour. I have always admired your total immersion in your challenges.

    1. That's the one thing I have never done, added some onion skin, I will give it a go and see the difference it makes.

      I do like to get completely into the 'frugal' mindset, and this time it's very necessary to get me back on track, I've been wandering round the supermarkets chucking whatever I fancied into the trolley, and it shows in the cupboards. I needed this Challenge to set me back on the straight and narrow.

      Thinking about it perhaps the next Challenge will be to 'shop' the cupboards in an attempt to empty them. Something for me to think about ☺


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