Monday, 29 October 2018

Day Thirteen - Meals

Breakfast - A quarter of my tub of yogurt and my last banana, followed of course by the obligatory coffee or two.  (1)

Mid morning a glass of orange juice.  (1)

Lunch - Beans on toast and in a swapsie with Alan ...

... he had half of my serving of beans and I had a little fried egg.  (1)

After lunch, with it being Sunday we had half of one of my just made Apple Crumbles each. (1)

Alan had his with custard ... he owes me a swap!!

Later for tea, I took some of my frozen peppers ...

... the last of my wholewheat spaghetti ...

... and cooked them together.  

The spaghetti went in first then the peppers dropped in for the last couple of minutes.

It made for a tasty bowl of pasta tastiness with a couple of dollops of my Green Pesto.  (1)

Today's 5 a day came quite easily  :-)



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