Sunday 3 May 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day 39 - Cooking the Books Challenge - JOY'S CHOICE

So ... Alan made the choice of comment.

I found the book, the page and the dish as chosen by Joy.

Joy's Choice:

The book = BOSH!

Page 35 =  Quick Puttenesca Spaghetti

I assembled what ingredients I could, there was going to be a bit of adding of this and that as I cooked it, but these are the basics ... with lots of spaghetti but then we like a lot of spaghetti  😄

The vinegar is there to add the tanginess that would have been missing from me not having the olives or the capers, and I also added a dash of Tamari when I was cooking the sauce to help get the flavour right.  We didn't have any broccoli so I added some green beans ... broccoli would have been much better or even maybe just some frozen peas as these would have mellowed the flavour slightly whereas the green beans just sat there going chewy.

The finished dish, it was tasty, not something I have ever had before as I tend  not to go for 'tangy' sauces.  I usually go for a more mellow, sweeter tomato based sauce.  So this was a real treat to be made to go outside of the box.  Like going to someone else's house and eating what you are given and really enjoying the change from the norm.

And yes, I cooked a bit too much spaghetti so the chickens had a pretty tasty snack this morning.


Because so many of you were lovely enough to give me choices yesterday, I have decided to use them all ... yes even yours Margie, you little latecomer you, sneaking in at the end!!  I will work my way down the list of comments in the order they arrived.

So today I am making Judith's choice from Book 1, Page 70 ... and it's something completely different.  Back tomorrow with the photos.

Sue xx


  1. Well done Sue. We do get caught up making the same kind of meals, so it's a great way if mixing it up.

  2. What fun :),happy cooking,Chrissie.

  3. This is a brilliant challenge, if I every get settled I am going to do this challenge myself.
    Oh and I always cook too much pasta. x

  4. What fun. I think I'd like what you made and I'm looking forward to the other ones now. :-)

  5. That looks very good.

    God bless.

  6. I'm thinking of doing some pasta this week - that does look tasty.
    I'll try to check in early in the day - the time difference is sometimes tricky! :-)

    1. You can't beat pasta as a comfort food can you :-)

      No problem with the time difference Margie, I should have thought about it a bit more.


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