Wednesday 5 December 2018

And Now ...

And now after the last two Challenges ... it's time for something completely different.

This popped through my letter box the other day, now I hate, hate, HATE these mailings of free pens, Christmas cards, bookmarks, coasters etc etc and empty competition promises especially when it is from a charity, any charity that says it's there to help people or animals or any good cause.

In this instance don't give me a pen ... give the money the pen cost you towards a tin of bloody cat food.  Don't promise me and thousands of other people a chance to win £25,000 ... use the bloody twenty five thousand pounds to look after some bloody cats!!

And breathe ...

But after thinking about it for a while it triggered a freebie thought.

What could I get for free, what have I got for free recently.  
What is it possible to get for free with just a little bit of effort or thought.

And so with this in mind I see seven days of freebies, vouchers and coupons coming up  :-)



  1. I hate those mailings to, they must waste so much money sending it all out.
    Looking forward to seeing a freebie post, I am actually going to start doing a weekly freebie post, showing what I find for free. Freebies save money, love them.x

  2. Totally agree, it really annoys me!

  3. My feelings exactly, Sue, excellent post! I always keep the pens, coasters, keyrings etc - my view is that if they're cynical enough to send me stuff in an effort to emotionally blackmail me into giving them money (it almost amounts to bullying, in my opinion), then I'm equally cynical enough to ignore the blackmail and keep the pen! Wil be really interested to see your freebies challenge.

  4. Yes I hate these emotional mailings too that we get at this time of year. Looking forward to seeing your next challenge unfold xx

  5. I made provisions for the RLNI during a 'free will' week and from then on started receiving newsletters, calendars and Christmas cards. Made me so angry and so was thrilled when I received a letter//slip from them stating I could opt out from these to save costs. Common sense at last. Pollie x

  6. This also makes my blood boil. I too always think that all the money spent would be better going straight to the charity and I don't want to be emotionally blackmailed either. I like to choose which charities I give to and when I want to do so. This time of year these things come through the door multiple times which makes me even more annoyed.

    I shall be interested to follow your latest challenge.

  7. When my mom passed away she had a dresser drawer full of freebie address labels, pens, note pads etc. She'd had some of them so long that the pens were dried out, the stickers didn't stick so most went into the garbage can. I have never made a charitable contribution through the mail and yet I still keep getting all this stuff.

  8. I've tried to unsubscribe from as many mailings lists as possible, to cut back on paper waste. If you're interested in freebies, worth looking at the Latest Free Stuff website.


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