Tuesday 3 December 2019

Challenge Eight - The £19.25 One Shop Challenge

I used the last of the lettuce from the Challenge this afternoon in my lunchtime sandwich.  It just made me think of the Challenge and what, if anything, I had left now a week after finishing.

Since the Challenge ended I have used up the last of the vegan mayo, made soup out of the onion and the peelings that were stashed in the freezer.  I have 4 Weetabix left in the jar and half of the tub of dairy free spread, which will be used up later as I intend to make some scones and biscuits with some flour I found in the cupboard during my tidy up ready to leave the Van for the Winter.

The pasta sauce and penne pasta is now all gone after a few lovely tomatoey meals and that is it.  This week I've spent my evenings watching Christmassy cooking shows on television and getting myself into a festive mood, I especially like the old Jamie Oliver Christmas shows, as long as I avert my eyes while he stuffs turkeys.  

 I have so many plans whizzing round my head for next year that I am just sitting back and letting them develop.  If one morphs itself into a proper Challenge you will be the first to know.

I'm signing off from this blog now for 2019, with lots of good wishes being sent your way for a very Happy Christmas and a lovely happy and healthy New Year.  

Thank you so much for reading along and commenting during the eight Challenges of 2019, they will remain on the sidebar along with the three Challenges I did during 2018 just in case anyone wants a bit of a readathon on a cold Winters day.

All the very best.  🎄 🎅

Sue xx