Tuesday 29 October 2019

Challenge Seven - The Leftovers Challenge - Following On

I've been away for longer than I meant to be, but don't panic (Mr Mainwaring) ... I'm back and none of the food has gone off.

So, the basis of this new following on Challenge is that I am not wasting one single thing from the food leftover from Challenge Six - For the Price of a Coffee.  But will instead add to it without going shopping.

So a quick recap of what I have left in the larder to start this new Challenge.

700g porridge oats
636g spaghetti
2 cloves garlic
250g red lentils
800g brown rice
tub of gravy mix
3 tins tomatoes
1 tin chickpeas
1 tin mandarin orange segments
1 tin peaches
4 potatoes

1/4 sheet Puff Pastry
4 stuffing patties
1/2 tin beans
orange juice
2 slices of lemon (freezer)

2/3 red pepper
1 carrot
1 courgette
14 onions

3/4 iceberg lettuce
5 spring onions
4 apples 
1 butternut squash

The Rules of Challenge Six - The Leftovers Challenge

1.  No food is to be bought from the shops - at all !!

2.  Every main meal must contain at least one of last weeks leftovers food items.

3.  Each day of the Challenge up to five items in total can be taken from the food cupboard, the fridge or the freezer.

4.  Once a new item is brought into play it is considered to be part of the new 'larder' and must be used up over the course of the Challenge.  No wastage is allowed.

5.  Once daily blogposts will record my progress.

One loaf of bread has already been removed from the freezer to thaw out and this is how it looks now.

The drawers are looking good.

I didn't even know I had some more pastry in there until I started rummaging about.

As usual here at the Van the little food cupboard is looking very full ... which for the purposes of this Challenge is very good 😁

The reason I decided to do the Challenge this way and not to simply buy additional food to keep the Challenge going, is that the caravan park closes soon for the Winter break and I will be leaving just any tins and jars of food that are left in the cupboards and taking everything else home to Wales.  Obviously the electric goes off too so the fridge freezer has to be emptied completely.

This is not much of a problem in the case of the fridge, but you can see from the photos how full the little freezer is.  Time to get working my way through the food I have here and the food leftover from last week's Challenge then, by merging the too I should eat very well for the next seven days.

Sue xx


  1. Interesting one. Really looking forward to your menus.

  2. You have lots to choose from. Good luck in eating down the stores.

    God bless.

  3. I love these sort of challenges because you really have to think how to use stuff up. Our ability to be resourceful never ceases to amaze me. As a child I had a comic, secondhand from a friend. There was a story each week in it called 'CathyCook'. The teenager was often responsible for providing ingenious meals for her poor family.


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