Tuesday 30 October 2018

Day Fourteen - Meals

Breakfast - Porridge
50g dry weight of oats made ...

... 445g porridge.

Yes, I did add a bit too much water by mistake, but it was pretty tasty actually, and nice and warming after cleaning out the hen-house on this our first really frosty day of this Autumn.

Lunch was a scavenged affair, something I allowed myself after graciously sharing last nights Apple Crumble with Alan.  With him away for a few days I found a badly wrapped lettuce in his salad drawer and a bread roll that had previously been frozen so couldn't be popped back into the freezer.

These with the best four slices of a sad, limp cucumber that was actually destined for the chickens, formed the basis of my quick lunch.   There's some lettuce left, so I've wrapped it properly and I'm claiming it as my own ... on the understanding (of which he will be very grateful) that I share my other two Apple Crumbles with him when I cook them.

So an unexpected salad bun for lunch.  (1)

And a bowl of the 'leftovers soup' for my tea served with some freshly made 'garlic croutons'.  (1)

Followed later by a glass of orange juice to try and bring my 5 a day count up to a more respectable level.  (1)

Even with this I only managed 3 of my 5 a day today  :-(


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