Thursday 18 October 2018

Day Five - Reading, Writing

Before I started this Challenge I used every spare minute to read through my rather large collection of money saving. penny pinching and frugal cookbooks ... and all other books on a similar theme.  They are my favourite sort of books to read anyway ... I'm currently reading a book about a lad who lived in a woodland for six months and lived without money.

Anyway ... I made notes about all sorts of things.  I worked out the cost of our eggs in case I wanted to buy some eggs off myself.  Anything I read that caught my imagination I jotted down.  I've lost a few of the bits of paper but most of them are tucked into one of my A4 notebooks for reference and inspiration.

One of my favourite books is this one, I like reading about someone else who actually has done lots of Challenges like me.

Although her 'starting larder' was a bit bigger than my under £10 one for this particular Challenge.

Sometimes I think I must be slightly weird because I just love looking at photos of food and lists of menu plans etc.  but mostly I just think it's normal ... and everyone else who doesn't do this is weird instead  ;-)

I even Google store-cupboards, or words to that effect sometimes and have been known to find photos of my own cupboards from years ago.

Always full to bursting.

It really is interesting to see how our tastes have changed over the years though ... or not as the case may be  :-)

I picked up a copy of the latest Tesco magazine last time I was in there and was happy to find a couple of money off coupons for dairy free products that I wanted to try.  Luckily I managed to snap them up and put them into the freezer for after my Challenge, because when I called in the yesterday to pick up a couple more magazines for more coupons,  they had all gone ... two whole packing crates full of magazines gone in two days.  Must be something to do with the coupon for the free multi-pack of Baked Crisps also in there, everyone likes a freebie!  What's the betting the crisps will be 'out of stock' until the coupons expire, that's what usually happens.  x



  1. You're not weird, I too love to look at food pictures and read about frugal living. It gives me inspiration and keeps me on the "straight and narrow", so to speak. :-)

    1. It is inspiring isn't it reading what other people do to save money.

  2. Totally “normal” —whatever that is! ��

  3. Oooh yes I do love the shopping pictures in Home Economics. Individual budget recipes are all very well, but it's stretching ingredients across multiple meals that really cuts overall food costs.

    1. Jane's new book should be coming out soon, she's in the final photographing stage :-)

    2. Ooooh yes sounds a great idea, doing the recipes and shopping lists for couples.


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