Sunday, 26 January 2020

The One Hundred Books Challenge

I'm Challenging Myself to read ONE HUNDRED books during 2020 … and remembering to list them on here   🙂

March Total =


This has been on my shelves for a long time and never read!!
I settled down to read it the other day, but it wasn't my kind of book at all and the food is not the sort I would cook that often, lots of Sunday lunch type meals … what did I honestly expect from the Vicar's wife    🤣   5/10


Not a bad read, but very like the book by Kath Kelly who wrote 'How I Lived a Year on Just a Pound a Day'.  I remember reading Michelle blog before she started this Challenge, so I was intrigued to read her book.  7/10

February Total = 3 Books


This was a re-read before I lent it to my Mum.  Yes it was just as good as I remembered.  8/10


A slow start and very 'into detail'.  The whole book is about them deciding to buy and then finding their new place, not actually doing anything to it!!   6/10


Some good recipes, worth keeping  7/10


January Total = 8 Books


A beautiful book, but not my sort of recipes.  The reminiscences are lovely to read but very personally family orientated to the writer.   Leaving - 6/10


Not the book I was expecting at all, I don't even remember buying this!! 
Leaving - 5/10


Re-read this to decide if I wanted to keep it - I don't.  It's a good book but too simplistic for me and too many meat recipes.   Leaving -6/10


A good book, gorgeous photos of the dishes, but not totally sure that I'll keep this one as there are only four definite recipes that I would make.  Holding on to it until I make up my mind, as I do have the rest of their books.     Keeping (for now)   6/10


A good book, very thought provoking    Gifted - 8/10


Brilliant - keeping  8/10


A really good read -  but leaving -  8/10


Brilliant - keeping   9/10


Saturday, 25 January 2020

Challenge One - The One Hundred Books Challenge

The first Challenge I'm setting myself this year is a year long one and it is to read one hundred books over the course of this year. 

 I seem to have gone from loving books and reading all the time to being much more intermittent with my reading.  Just recently, like so many other people I've been picking up my phone more and more and of course this has meant that sometimes I simply fill my time with social media, playing games and well basically … just not reading books.

Now I have decided that I simply want to bring my love of reading books back to the forefront of my mind.  Hopefully giving myself the Challenge of reading a minimum of two books a week should help to do this.

To start me off and to inspire me I have just been around the house counting the books that we own.  The ones on bookshelves, the ones on ledges and the ones stacked by the side of the bed ... all of them.

The grand total of physical books in this house is 362.

I also have my tablet which holds all the books that I used to have on a Kindle.  There's around 200 on there,  or maybe more now as I tend to pick up any Kindle freebies that I spot on Amazon that sound interesting.

I have some books at the Van which will have to be added into the main total, I'm guessing around 25-30, we'll see when we get back there next month, but I'm thinking that this will still bring our total number of already owned physical books to just under 400, which is a big improvement on the 619 that I counted up to in 2015.

Over the years books have come in, both new and second-hand, and some have gone out again to car boot sales and charity shops and the number we own has fluctuated up and down, but then last year we decided to start slimming down the collection properly in our bid for a simpler life and it's nice to see that we seem to be on target to reducing the number we own.

Ideally I would like to own just one hundred books … but I doubt that would ever happen.  Perhaps I can get to one hundred fiction and non-fiction (biographies etc) and then another one hundred cook books … now that might be achievable!!

Anyway thanks to my counting of books I now know that this bookshelf will easily hold one hundred books, and as this is one of the few pieces of furniture that we intend keeping once we sell our house it's good to know that if I can downsize all the non-cookbooks to one just hundred, they will all fit comfortably on the shelves of this unit and we will have the cupboard for storage of other things.  My cookbooks I hope will in future all be able to fit in my kitchen!

I will be listing all the books that I have read and am currently reading, on the post that published just before this one and that is the post that can be linked to from the link on the right-hand sidebar, under My Challenges 2020  so you will be able to follow my progress throughout the year.

Better go, I have some reading to do.

I started this last night as my bedtime reading ... it's good.  I'm also loving their television series on Sunday mornings 'Living on the Veg'.  How nice to see a good vegan cooking show on television. 🙂

Sue xx

Friday, 10 January 2020

Happy New Year

Late … but better late than never.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and that you are looking forward to this New Year and new decade with hope and renewed vigour and energy.  

There's no new Challenge as yet but I have some ideas that I'm jotting in my notebook and if any of my regular readers have ideas that you think might make for a good week or month long Challenge, that others would be interested in reading about, I would be interested to see your ideas.

Sue xx