Wednesday 25 March 2020

The Crazy Days Challenge - Challenging Myself to Use What I Have in the Best Way Possible ... and Stay Sane Throughout These Crazy Days

I had no intention until just now to start a Challenge on this blog ... in some ways it's not even a proper Challenge as to how this blog usually runs … in many ways most of us are just embarking on perhaps one of the biggest and strangest challenges of our lives.

But as I looked at this photo which I have just shared on my other blog I thought why not document the food we eat during these crazy times and see how we make everything we have last for as long as possible.  Is it a cop out Challenge, perhaps yes, but it will hold me accountable and give me something to do as well as giving you something to read and perhaps a few ideas or tips to use for your food supplies … or lack of them.

Let's just get things straight to start with in case you don't read my other blog, and for the first time look at the contents of the fridge and gasp, in either admiration or indignation.  I haven't dashed out and bought up everything I possibly could from the shops I have just returned from my Van, the static caravan I usually spend the majority of my time at for nine months of the year, as the caravan park it is sited on has closed, like many others, on Government orders for the duration of the current crisis.  On leaving I had to bring back with all the food that might possibly go off or go out of date during the next three to four months.  I also, unusually for me, brought back here to Wales most of the dried and tinned foods that are always stored in the Van for times when I arrive with no fresh supplies after a few days away.

So because of this, here in Wales at the moment, my fridge and my cupboards are looking very healthy and we will survive this crazy time relatively easily.  But saying that  I will not be wasting anything, I will be using everything in date order, cooking excess portions of any foods that might go out of date before we can eat them and freezing the resulting meals.  Luckily our large chest freezer was only a third full ready for us selling it, so it has once again been called into service.

If you would like to follow along, for something to do, a way to pass ten minutes of your morning with a much deserved cup of coffee or as a way to pick up a few tips or to share some of your own in the comments below.  Please know that you are very welcome.

Let's survive these Crazy Times together.

Sue xx


  1. Great idea Sue, thumbs up.

  2. I love your challenges I’m with you. Hesther

  3. I shall be following of course, yes we must stick together and it's good to share recipes and tips. I haven't been to the shops now for around 9 days, but I need to venture out before the weekend, plenty in the freezer and cupboards, it's the fresh fruit, veg, salad, milk etc fridge bits I need, I am dreading it.

  4. Excellent stuff! Good for you.

  5. Totally with you. We have a panic plan where we know we need food in 7 days time and 10 days time. Gives us time to work up a larther. Local farm shop bringing me fresh stuff on her way home on Friday as stage 1 of our plan.

  6. I'm there to. Making every meal stretch, but also trying to still have enjoyable meals.

  7. We have been very frugal and NOT ONE JOT has gone to waste. In fact, I am surprised how little we ate last week (but then I had no appetite as my stomach went all nervous on me because of the anxiety over my family and this Pandemic). We are well stocked - we ALWAYS keep a very good store cupboard, as we live 10 miles from the shops and it doesn't take too much bad weather to make it sensible to stay at home! I am sure you will more than rise to the challenge, as you are good at this already!

  8. Have you seen Jamie Oliver's programme on channel 4 .It is a last minute thing and so not in the Radio Times . It is on early evening . It is for people who cannot cook and is also about alternatives for limited items . I can cook and I know you can but there were some good ideas and it moves me that he has tried to do this .Have a look , some of it is veggie too .

    1. Yes, I've been watching it every day and his Instagram clips. 🙂 He is very good at responding to this sort of crisis. If course it helps that he owns his own production company and so doesn't have to wait for the go ahead from anyone ... and that he has a good team behind him.

  9. Thumbs up from Florida where a lot of people seem to be ignoring the situations despite shutdowns, etc.

  10. Count me in, we went shopping last Sunday, when collegues were allowed to shop, as hubby has been working so many shifts/hours we hadn't managed to go shopping. We hope now not to go until week Sunday apart from trying to get some potatoes, some eggs and mince,(for hubby and son). I would also like to get some seeds to start growing some runner beans, broad beans, toms, peppers and courgettes, in pots, but not sure where to get them from? We are about 6 weeks later than others in Devon, as we are up on the moor. Helen S.

  11. Oooh, I love your challenges Sue. Please count me in! I have been trying to do an online shop for sometime next week but despite us both being over 70 and G being on all kinds of medication for his Dystonia we are not classed as vulnerable and are therefore blocked from the time slots. I will need to buy fresh milk and veg at some point and am dreading going to the supermarket :(
    Your challenge will give us all a boost, thank you for doing it!

  12. Hi hope this helps. If you log in to sainsbury's and follow the link to to register as vulnerable. Then pop back to sains. website you may find that you will have a few slots appear as they are co-ordinating with the gov on this.


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