Friday, 5 October 2018

Part of 'The Big Shop'

While I was at Asda picking up the basic Store Cupboard items shown on yesterdays post, I decided to go back in and purchase the things I had priced from there for my Big Shop.  There's no point in going backwards and forwards wasting fuel just for the sake of it.

I spent a total of £7.66 in Asda.

 To be honest I was impressed with the amount of food I got for this amount of money.  At the back of my mind was the figure of £20 for a big shop to start me off in this Challenge and then an allowance of £2 per week for more fresh stuff to supplement what I will have in my cupboard, fridge and freezer at the start of the Challenge.

There's lots to think about with all this but I do want to try and make this as healthy a 28 days as possible even with the limited budget I've given myself, so I'm aiming to get as close to my five a day as possible.

I found a good info-graphic about what can be included in your Five a Day.

So even these tinned and packet foods contain a good percentage of the fruit and vegetables I will be needing throughout the 28 days.

While I was out and about getting my Store Cupboard items I also picked up these as mentioned in yesterdays post.  Spending another £3.65 in Tesco on what I think are pretty important items for me.

So up to now I've spent £11.31 of my 'Big Shop'money.



  1. You have to read labels very carefully these days. I know its not quite the same but my daughters dog is very allergic to cornflour! As a puppy he was allergic to all sorts of things (most of which they put in dog food - we became experts on what dog food contained what) however when he was tested again recently, cornflour is the only thing remaining. However, cornflour is in so many things. Things you wouldn't imagine it would be in. Frozen chicken for example! Seriously! I wish you very good luck with your challenge and have no doubt whatsoever there is any chance you will fail. I look forward to seeing how you get variety into your diet. x

    1. I seem to find myself shopping with my reading glasses on much more these days. Even products that were okay one week can suddenly have milk or whey powder suddenly added to them as a bulking out agent, so there's no just walking round grabbing things like I would have done a few years ago.

      Of course even now I slip up, reading that 20p gravy granules pack the other day for instance, I obviously didn't have my glasses on then 🤔

      I no doubt get the similar symptoms as your daughters dog if I do slip up... I'm in good company 😁


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