Saturday 27 October 2018

Day Eleven - Meals

Breakfast - toast with spread and marmalade.  
I wasn't hungry so this and two cups of coffee were all I had before I set to making my lunch.

Mid morning I had a glass of orange juice.  (1)

Lunch was destined to be a big pot of soup made with all the trimmings, peelings and vegetable waters from the freezer and fridge.

Alan was just going to have three slices of toast for his lunch so I did a swap ... a piece of his toast for a bowl of my soup.  Much healthier for him and it saved a piece of my bread for another day :-)

It was a very good swap it made my soup extremely filling.  (2)

Tea was two of my freshly made Bean Burgers on two of my yellow stickered buns.  I worked out it was a total cost, including the onion slices and the tomato ketchup of just 18p per bun.  I couldn't manage them both time I'll just have one.  (2)

The dogs loved their impromptu snack of half a bean burger between the two of them, just bean burger and bread ... dogs can't eat onions so I ate them.

Yay ... I managed my 5 a day.



  1. Yay, well done. Those beanburgers look delicious!

    1. They were nice, the buns definitely needed the onion slices and ketchup on though as the burgers were quite dry, perhaps they would have been better fried rather than oven baked.


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