Thursday 11 October 2018

Final Part of 'The Big Shop'

This morning I went out and did the final part of my so called 'Big Shop', this time buying the fresh foods and one more item for the cupboard.

I don't eat any meat but have on occasion recently been eating some fish so I thought a tin of fish 'on standby' would be a good idea.  Of course I don't just see a little tin of sardines I see at least four big fish cakes made with some mashed potatoes and some spices, to turn what looks like a little purchase into a major part of a couple of meals.

Also it worked out at today's prices that to buy the frozen peppers was a cheaper option than purchasing a couple of fresh ones, and of course there's no waste this way.  For just one pound I got half a kilo of ready chopped peppers to add to my dishes.

The £4.99 spend takes my running total up to £17.68 spent.

So what did I get for my money?
As well as the tin of sardines, the brown loaf, the lemon, the bag of frozen chopped peppers and the bunch of celery I got:

17 potatoes

I sorted through sizes to see which would be suitable as 'jacket potatoes' and which can be used for other dishes.

13 onions

... and 9 carrots.

I thought it would help me in my menu planning to count out what I had, as well as closely looking at the condition of them to see if any needed using quickly.  It's hard to tell through the bags when you're buying them, but this time it was cheaper to pay for ready bagged vegetables than it would have been to buy them loose.  Although the potatoes and onions seem perfectly okay I think the carrots would benefit from being used as soon as possible.

So my plan tomorrow is to turn some of these ingredients into ready made meals to go into the fridge and freezer.

After all I have these spaces to fill -

Empty cupboard shelf.

Empty fridge shelf.

Empty fridge drawer.

And my empty freezer shelf.

So now it's time to put my Big Shop goodies in their rightful places and get ready for starting this first Challenge of my new blog.



  1. So looking forward to how it's going to go.

  2. You enspire me, so glad I can read your challenge. You have been missed x

  3. £1 for the chopped peppers is a great deal, thanks for the tip.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them at that price, and they are not even a 'value line'. Definitely something I will be using over Winter while peppers in the fruit and veg aisle are so expensive, small and flown halfway round the world.


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