Monday 22 October 2018

Day Six - Back Into the Mindset

It's weird coming back to the Challenge after a small break, I think I need to read through the last few days on here to get myself back into the mindset ... because to be honest I'm not really there at the moment!!

I took this photo of my cooked porridge one day last week it shows how much porridge I am actually having after mixing and cooking my 50g of dry porridge oats with the amount of water I need to get it to the consistency I like.

These days I actually prefer porridge made with water.  I used to use Almond milk when I first had to abandon all dairy products, but over the last few months this has tasted far too rich for me, so now I soak my oats in the water for at least a couple of hours before I cook the porridge, overnight if I remember, and that makes it taste more than milky enough for my weird little taste buds.

The tinned peaches I put onto my porridge bowl the other day made my breakfast far too sweet so I doubt I'll be repeating that, maybe I'll buy some bananas this week instead of more peaches.  Fruit is the most expensive thing on my menu these days so perhaps it's good that I really do prefer vegetables as I want to pull up the numbers I'm eating in my efforts to eat at least my five a day ... it should be much more than I am currently managing.



  1. I'm inspired to eat better and less expensively when I read your blog.

    1. That's good, I'm inspired to eat better and less expensively when I blog about things and keep myself accountable, ... so it's good all round :-)

  2. I think the flavour is better after soaking overnight as the oats form oat milk.

    1. Exactly, but soaking for an hour in the pan on the edge of the Aga has very similar results if I forget to put the oaks to soak the night before ... which I usually do ;-)


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