Monday 22 October 2018

Day Six - Meals

 Breakfast - Toast with spread and marmalade ... and of course my usual black coffee  :-)

A bowl of soup for Lunch.  (3)

Green spaghetti for tea.  (2)

 I slipped up and as I was adding Parmesan style cheese to Alan's bowl of pasta I put some on mine.  It's not the end of the world so instead of being annoyed with myself I took a large pinch of my cheese from the fridge ... and gave it to the dogs.  

They were very happy at this unexpected treat and my conscience was salved.

I finished the peaches off for supper.  (1)

 They had been sat sitting to quote Nellie Pledge in the fridge for far too long.


(Number in brackets = 5 a day servings.)


  1. Looking good. I love how you are being so honest with it all.

    1. I've always found that if you're not totally honest you'll only trip yourself up further down the line. Honesty really is the best policy ... even with cheese on pasta ;-)

  2. I now desperately need toast and marmalade but as its 1.30 in the afternoon I'd better wait until breakfast tomorrow

    1. Just go for it Sue :-)

      I am surprised at how tasty this cheap marmalade is ... and of course included in the 27p purchase price is another jar for me to use in my jam making later in the year. It's cheaper to buy a dozen jars of cheap marmalade and re-use the jars than it would be to buy a tray of jam jars from the cook shop.

  3. Hi I have only just realised from reading 'A smaller life' who you are and wondered if you were having problems with trolls on your other blog and that is why you have gone incognito (so to speak)I wont mention the name of said blog in case the above is why. Glad you are back blogging as I missed your other one and although I did not comment often enjoyed it immensely hope you a yours are all ok

    1. No problems with trolls, my old blog is on the sidebar of both my new blogs so nothing incognito about me. Just living a different ... and smaller ... life these days. Thanks for reading.


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