Wednesday 10 October 2018


Any of you reading this who have followed any past Challenges, or seen photos of my kitchen will know of my little stash of freebies contained neatly in my little 'Aga' tin.

I don't take things that I don't mean to use, or that anyone eating or drinking with me might want to use when I'm in cafes, pubs or restaurants ... but I absolutely hate waste, and too many times I've seen picked up but unused sachets scraped into the rubbish bag when the tables are cleared.  

 So whenever we have finished eating in cafes etc I pick up anything we haven't made use of and bring it home with me, where it gets added to the tin and made use of at some point in time.  

Also, my lovely hubby stays in numerous hotels while away from home on business and brings home various sachets and miniatures. He tips out his bag when he gets back, usually revealing coffee sachets , shampoos and shower caps ... which come in very handy for covering rising bread dough in my large mixing bowl ... and of course some of these things also get popped into the tin.

So I've decided to allow myself to dip into the tin if there is anything that I can make use of over the course of this and any future Challenges.

If I'd looked into the tin before I did part of my Big Shop ... I would have saved myself some money.  I could possibly have avoided having to buy the mayonnaise and tomato ketchup.  

Oh well, I have a good little stash of bits and bobs, that all cost absolutely no money and so can be added with a clear conscience to my storecuboard stash.



  1. I love your little tin, yes we are the same, collect anything we can make use of, it all adds up.x

  2. It is fun reading as you get closer to starting. I've really enjoyed the several challenges of yours I've followed. And this one seems to be shaping up that way too.

    1. I'm looking forward to starting now. Thanks for reading along over the years. ☺


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