Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Day Fifteen - Meals

Pre Breakfast - Coffee

Hot lemon water wouldn't cut it this morning I needed some caffeine in me before I braved the frost to go and thaw out all the chickens and the wild birds water drinkers   :-)

While I was out doing all my chores I regretted not putting some porridge to soak, but by the time I had done the drinkers, walked the dogs round the paddock, smashed through the ice on the sheeps troughs and buckets, filled up the log basket and stacked the logs by the side of the log burner, then swept out and relaid the fire for tonight ...

... I was nice and warm and my double helping of yoghurt with a third of a tin of peach slices was very welcome.  (1)

Dinner was a bowl of my Leftovers Soup and the last of the garlicky croutons.  (1)

And my tea was made in exactly the same way as the other week.

Using the pastry I made yesterday.

Lovely, but so filling, I couldn't move after eating it all.  (1)

Just 3 of my 5 a day again ... must do better!!



  1. Very tasty indeed. I guess you must be missing your f&v somewhat but I love that you're being real about it all.

    1. I'm not a huge fruit lover, in fact there's not many fruits I will happily sit and eat, and on top of that I have phases when I really get fed up with vegetables. I'm thinking that after a Summer of salads and lots of home grown stuff I'm just not in a veggie frame of mind at the moment, although I am starting to feel all the worse for it. So I need to just get on with it and eat some more.

  2. Since you have green veggies in the tunnel, can you use some of those for a stir-fry, and serve with rice? or are you restricting the tunnel veggies? I made a version of leftover soup the other day, and it turned out well. Very frugal meal.

    1. The rules that I set myself, see them in one of the first posts, say that I can choose three things home grown each week. But also read my answer to Jo's comment above ... I've not been fancying veggies much this past few weeks. Also I really do not like stir fries. God I'm a fussy bugger 🤣🤣🤣

  3. As a comment on your reply to Deb in Ohio, the whole point about your new philosophy of being true to yourself is that you are allowed to choose what you eat. (More important is not having to apologise to yourself or anyone else)
    I'm loving your challenge and am gleaning lots of ideas from it ie bean and stuffing burgers and that crumble mix can become pastry instead. You are tempting me to try the challenge myself Sue


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