Monday 15 October 2018

Day Two - Cheese

Part of my 'big shop' included a block of my favourite cheese.  

  Realising that it had to last me if possible for the full four weeks, as a £2.30 purchase will be pretty hard to replicate, I decided to quarter it and so get to have at least a little bit of cheese each week in one form or another.

The Violife block that I usually grate and have in all sorts of ways. 

Once quartered it was grated and popped into little freezer-safe boxes.

Doesn't it look so much more grated than as a little block!!

Three of the boxes were popped straight into the freezer and this weeks was put into the fridge.

My fridge and freezer shelves are looking a lot more impressive now, no more the barren empty spaces they were just a couple of days ago.  I will have to take another photo of them.



  1. It's only just occurred to me (well, you gave me the idea!) that I'll have to portion things out to make them last the whole month. We're so used to just using what we want and replacing it when it's gone. When you look at it like that, it's plain to see where the money goes when shopping. And yes, grated cheese looks so much more than a little slab of the same weight.

    1. This is one of the reasons I decided on a 'big shop' with two thirds of my money, leaving some spare cash over for later ... just in case I mismanaged anything and ran out after a couple of weeks. Cooking large batches of things works though, such as my soup and pasta sauce as it now means I have some 'ready meals' in the freezer. I plan on using them so that I have some for each of the weeks. Well that's the theory ;-)

  2. I grate nearly all of the cheese that I buy and then freeze it. It is much more economic and saves time when prepping a meal. Good to see you back Sue, I have Sooze to thank for finding you again.

    1. Hello :-)

      Yep, grating is the way forward, apart from anything else I hate washing the grater, so to do it all in one fell swoop is much better.


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