Thursday 4 October 2018

Store Cupboard Shopping

I was in the vicinity of both Asda and Tesco yesterday so it made sense to call in and actually buy some of the things for my 28 Day £1 a Day Challenge.

I had written shopping lists based on my research for both shops (and for B&M which was on my way into town) so I went in grabbed a basket and perused the shelves.  In the space of me choosing my items and making a list and actually going to the shops the next day to get them things had changed.

The small sized Garlic Granules that I was going to be purchasing for 59p have been discontinued, so I bought some Chopped Garlic instead at 70p ... the only thing that would fit into my small budget. 

 Even so I thought I had cash over, so after a quick read of the label I picked up the gravy granules for 20p I thought it would be a good idea to jazz up meals.  I should have read the label more carefully, it contains both beef fat and milk in the flavourings (both things I don't or can't eat).  

I need to concentrate more!!

So now this has been literally crossed off my shopping.

And a good job too, as the oil I was going to get from Tesco for £1 wasn't available at all and I had to compromise with a bottle of Vegetable Oil for £1.20.

20p off, 20p on ... it's all very confusing.

While I was at Tesco I also picked up two items that I intended to buy during my 'Big Shop'.  

The Flora Dairy Free Spread and the Violife Cheese.

I didn't want to be driving back there just for two items and I was starting to feel worried in case they went up in price, as the Flora was on special offer for £1.35, hence me splashing out, it's usually £1.80 ... almost two days money if you think of it as one pound a day available for food.

So this receipt has been altered to show the removed Gravy Granules  :-(

... and this one combines a Store Cupboard item and two  'Big Shop' items.

It's no wonder I'm getting confused already.  I seem to be over complicating things just to save pennies.  Hopefully it will get easier, but this is proving that eating very cheaply takes a lot of thought, planning and trusting that shops won't drop lines and increase prices overnight.



  1. Wonderful to read you again. I'll enjoy following this challenge.

  2. So true that it costs lots of time to eat very cheaply. Flashbacks to prep for Live Below the Line.

    1. You do find yourself juggling with pennies don't you!


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