Wednesday 3 October 2018

Research and Reading

It's when to start that I'm having a problem with.  

Life and work get in the way so much.  But 'shit hitting fan' moments happen without warning. So instead of dillying and dallying or faffing about for longer than is necessary I'm just going to look at the calendar and pick a date.

Saturday 13th October

Why that date I hear myself asking, let alone anyone else.  Well in my family we like 13th's so maybe it caught my eye on the calendar, it's a Saturday so not your usual Monday morning new diet/new lifestyle type thing, and well it's as good a day as ever.

And maybe more importantly it gives me time to eat up the stuff that's already in the cupboards, fridge and freezer, so I truly can start with my basic store cupboard purchases and nothing else!!

It also leaves me time to read through some of my books.

For inspiration and ideas.

This one should be extremely useful.

Jack's Blog is on the sidebar with the same title as her new book above Cooking on a Bootstrap.  It's a brilliant resource full of very cheap yet nourishing and tasty foods, and the books are available to buy from there supporting the author directly.  

This should come in useful too. 

 I used it the other day to turn some leftover porridge into very tasty Porridge Hotcakes, served with some drizzled over syrup they made a very yummy breakfast.

Now I'm off to do some research and reading ... and drink lots of coffee.



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