Tuesday 30 October 2018

A Rummage Through the Cupboards/ End of Week Two

The End of Week Two photos show that I have lots of food left in stock.

The cupboard is looking pretty healthy.  The only dried thing still untouched is the rice, I need to do something about that I usually eat a lot of rice.

The fridge shelf is looking good too ...

... although there's less in the drawer.

In the freezer I've got lots of goodies, including two tubs of Pasta Sauce left and four tubs of homemade soups, plus the makings of two more Apple Crumbles.  

There are just four slices of bread and one crust left though, time to start looking out for a yellow-stickered loaf methinks.

I still have lots of my basic store cupboard items left along with ...

... my last three potatoes.

I have plans for these today  :-) 

I have spent a total of £21.39 during the first two weeks of the Challenge ...

...so I have £6.61 remaining.

But as you can see I have lots of food still to use up, so I think I will try and hold onto my money for as long as possible and instead of being tempted at the shops see what I can make over the next couple of days to use up the last of the fresh foods.



  1. Wow, well done Sue. Lots of fantastic ideas and recipes that I will definitely be using. Also a big thank you, it’s given me the kick up the behind I needed to actually look at what I’ve already got in the house and start using it up.

    1. It is a big money saver to use up every last little bit of what we have in store isn't it :-)

  2. Fantastic. It's really going so well for you.

    1. It seems to be, fingers crossed it continues ... I'm halfway through the Challenge now :-)


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