Sunday, 26 January 2020

The One Hundred Books Challenge

I'm Challenging Myself to read ONE HUNDRED books during 2020 … and remembering to list them on here   🙂

March Total =


This has been on my shelves for a long time and never read!!
I settled down to read it the other day, but it wasn't my kind of book at all and the food is not the sort I would cook that often, lots of Sunday lunch type meals … what did I honestly expect from the Vicar's wife    🤣   5/10


Not a bad read, but very like the book by Kath Kelly who wrote 'How I Lived a Year on Just a Pound a Day'.  I remember reading Michelle blog before she started this Challenge, so I was intrigued to read her book.  7/10

February Total = 3 Books


This was a re-read before I lent it to my Mum.  Yes it was just as good as I remembered.  8/10


A slow start and very 'into detail'.  The whole book is about them deciding to buy and then finding their new place, not actually doing anything to it!!   6/10


Some good recipes, worth keeping  7/10


January Total = 8 Books


A beautiful book, but not my sort of recipes.  The reminiscences are lovely to read but very personally family orientated to the writer.   Leaving - 6/10


Not the book I was expecting at all, I don't even remember buying this!! 
Leaving - 5/10


Re-read this to decide if I wanted to keep it - I don't.  It's a good book but too simplistic for me and too many meat recipes.   Leaving -6/10


A good book, gorgeous photos of the dishes, but not totally sure that I'll keep this one as there are only four definite recipes that I would make.  Holding on to it until I make up my mind, as I do have the rest of their books.     Keeping (for now)   6/10


A good book, very thought provoking    Gifted - 8/10


Brilliant - keeping  8/10


A really good read -  but leaving -  8/10


Brilliant - keeping   9/10



  1. I have the homesick in my Amazon wishlist, I have 4 of Miguel's books which are brilliant and are keepers.


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