Thursday 22 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - Using Up the Leftovers


Having such a small amount of storage space it has been important to me to quickly make good use of the foods I bought last week during the Challenge, especially the already cooked leftovers and the fresh salady stuff.  One of my first use it up meals was a lettuce and coleslaw bun, a nice filling lunch which simply added a brown sub roll to my Challenge leftovers.

Then I made use of the cooked potato/carrot/onion mix ...

... and made myself a pasty.  

Which also neatly used up a third of a roll of shortcrust pastry that I had in the freezer.  I am in the process trying to use up the contents of the freezer which seems to be lots of bitty stuff, half a pack of this, half a pack of that.  When you have such a tiny freezer space it's like playing freezer Tetris every time you go in there when there's a lot of stuff, especially when most of it is singly wrapped to save space.

Lunch the next day was a bit similar to the top photo, but this time some sliced cheese and cucumber   was added to the lettuce, and it was served with some of the tortilla chips as a crunchy nibble.

The flour has been tipped into my large flour jar, the oats into the oats jar, the spaghetti is in the spaghetti jar and the garlic cloves and baby spinach have been added to the bags of both in the freezer so there is no immediate rush to use them before they go off.  We are both using the marmalade when we have toast in the mornings and the peach slices have been added to the other tinned fruit in the cupboard to be served with some ice-cream one evening when we fancy a treat.

Lunch today is going to be the last of the lettuce and cucumber with the remaining sausage rolls, so as you can see nothing will be wasted ... which makes me very happy ๐Ÿ˜€

Sue xx

Tuesday 20 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - End of Challenge Round Up


One Challenge, one week and boy did that go fast!!

Just look at what I have over ... so much food, there's at least another two days worth of good eating there.  I knew £21 would be a luxury budget for one person, it was just the Challenge of knowing what to buy with each £1 coin as it became available for each meal that kept me on my toes.

Not in the photo because I ate them for my breakfast were the last two crumpets.  This time eaten with lashings of spread instead of the 27p marmalade.

Also not in the photo ... because I forgot about it ... was the orange juice!!  Look, it was sat on my desk looking reproachfully at me as I downloaded the other photos ... don't forget me it shouted as I slurped.

So what's left over:

1/3 of a tub of Coleslaw
2 Sausage Rolls
2/3 pack of Tortilla Chips
1100g SR Flour
most of a jar of Marmalade
2 Garlic cloves
400g of Spaghetti

370g Oats
a tin of Peach Slices
1/2 a Cucumber
1/2 a Lettuce
1/3 bag of French Fries
1/2 bag of Spinach
2 Lemon slices
enough vegetable filling for another pasty
a small portion of Pasta Sauce

.. and a wad of receipts and a 5p coin.

Quite a lot to show for a week of Challenging Myself.

Every Challenge I do teaches me something, so what did this teach me?

That £1 per meal is doable and can be very tasty.  

That I am quick to react to what my body tells me I need.  I switched buying a few things around at the last minute and enjoyed what I made with what I had purchased all the more for it.
That the self- weigh and self-checkout facilities in Sainsbury's definitely give it the edge when you are doing a Challenge of this nature.  It takes all the embarrassment out of buying one carrot, one potato, one onion and one banana  ๐Ÿ˜ณ

That my little fridge and freezer cannot cope with me doing Challenges whilst we are both living here in my little flat.  Oh, I am looking forward to my Smeg even more now!!

That just because some own brands are cheap does not make them worse taste-wise in any way.  The Tortilla Chips at just 45p a bag (although the shelf edge label said they were 55p they scanned at 45p ๐Ÿ˜€) were just as tasty, if not better, than the branded ones I have had before.

That my 35p Pitta Breads were a brilliant buy and stayed fresh all week.

Thank you for all of you that stuck with me for the whole week, thank you for the comments and the encouragement, it made it all seem all the more worthwhile and kept me on the straight and narrow.

Now all I have to do is to use up my leftovers over the next couple of days, nothing will be wasted.

Thank you.

Sue xx

Monday 19 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - Day Seven

The first two meals on this my final day of this Challenge both came in two parts.  

My first breakfast was a couple more of yesterdays crumpets spread with the tangy orange marmalade and a glass of orange juice,  and then because the shops don't open until 10am on a Sunday I couldn't go shopping until after the doggy walk.

It was a glorious morning so we took the longer way round the river first down one side and then up the other, which rather handily brings me out just near Sainsbury's, which by that time had just about opened.  So I was one of the first customers, and I bet the only one armed with only £1.57 ๐Ÿ˜„

Breakfast Shopping

Spinach - 1.00

Gala Apple - 30p

Total £1.30

2nd Breakfast

A nice green smoothie for us both, using the apple, my last banana and a good handful of the spinach.

It's nice to share ๐Ÿ’–

Lunchtime Shopping

Sausage Rolls - £1.19

First Lunch

While the sausage rolls were cooking I had two mugs of the 'free soup' that I made yesterday with the trimmings and peeling, gosh that was tasty

Second Lunch

Two of the sausage rolls, these really are the best vegan sausage rolls on the market in my humble opinion and are at their best eaten when they have cooled down for about 10 minutes after coming out of the oven.  I was really full after two mugs of soup and two sausage rolls!!

Teatime Shopping  ... and the final shopping trip of the Challenge.

Baking Potato - 39p

Bitter Lemon Drink - 60p

Total = 99p

I couldn't afford any alcohol to celebrate the end of the Challenge, although believe me the thought of saving up for some had crossed my mind ๐Ÿ˜Š ... but I could afford 60p for a bottle of diet Bitter Lemon which is one of the few fizzy drinks I like.

Vegetable pasties, the filling made with the potato, the carrot from yesterday and half an onion from day five, all simmered together in stock and then slightly mashed up with lots of salt and pepper.


Pasty and Chips ... for two, it's still nice to share ๐Ÿ˜€

We were going to share the tin of peaches for pudding but we were both far too full.

Cash Carried Forward


I have the feeling that's not quite right!!   I'm sure I should have 9p but it's the only money left in my coat pocket!!

Food Carried Forward

 - lots, I'll be back tomorrow with a photo.

And that's it final day over and done with, it's been a good week and it has absolutely flown by.  I'll be back tomorrow with a bit of a round up.  Thanks for following along everyone, there have been a lot of views every day, even if most of you have been too shy to comment.

Sue xx

Sunday 18 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - Day Six


Breakfast Shopping

Orange Marmalade - 27p
Crumpets - 25p for 6
Tin of Peach Slices - 31p

Total - 83p

Again I went to Aldi for my breakfast, and quite unintentionally it turned into an orange coloured extravaganza.

So much so that I decided to have a black coffee with my breakfast rather than the glass of orange juice I was going to have ๐Ÿงก

After a long doggy walk I walked over to Sainsbury's to pick up my lunch, Alan took the dogs home with him clutching a locally bought bacon bun for himself and a couple of sausages as a weekend treat for Suky and Mavis ... for some reason they followed him willingly barely noticing me slipping away  ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•

Lunchtime Shopping

Tortilla Chips - 45p
Carrot - 6p
Iceberg Lettuce - 43p

Total = 94p


   A pitta bread stuffed with coleslaw wrapped in lettuce, which is a good tip for not getting the filling everywhere when eating a salad sandwich of any description.  I had to eat a few more of the lettuce leaves on the side and start cooking my 'free soup' with the outer leaves as this was the only way the lettuce was going to fit into the fridge!!

This was a lovely fresh tasting meal.  A really good discovery this week has been these pitta breads,  bought on Monday for just 35p for 6 they have stayed nice and fresh all week, with this the last of the pack tasting just as fresh as the very first one I had. Also well worth mentioning are these tortilla chips, at just 45p a bag they are really tasty and would be brilliant with a dip ... or just on their own with a nice cold cider ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Free Soup

All the trimmings and peelings from this week's meals that have been in a bag in the freezer were simmered along with the outer leaves of todays lettuce and a couple of teaspoons of my stock powder, and after half an hour were whizzed up in the blender and then strained through a sieve. 

 This has given me over a pint of free soup, possibly for lunch tomorrow if I buy something to go with it.

Teatime Shopping

Garlic Bread - 32p
Spaghetti - 39p

Total - 71p

I could have made a garlic bread, I could have made some more pasta, but it was Saturday night and an easy option just cried out to be had.


And it was lovely, thirteen minutes from start to finish and my meal was in my dish.

Cash Carried Forward


Food Carried Forward



2 cloves of garlic

1 banana

1/2 onion

1 carrot

3/4 cucumber

1/2 a carton  orange juice

4 crumpets

most of a jar of orange marmalade

3/4 bag of tortilla chips

1/3 tub of coleslaw

400g spaghetti

iceberg lettuce

a tin of peaches

two portions of 'free' soup

small portion of pasta sauce

It's the final day tomorrow ... just how did this week pass so quickly?

Sue xx

Saturday 17 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - Day Five

Today for a change I went to Aldi to pick up my breakfast, and as I needed a banana I remembered my own blog post of the other day and found the biggest one I could.  It would have been interesting to take it to Sainsbury's to see how much it weighed there and thus how much it would have cost me.  I'm guessing at least the 13p I paid for it if not a penny or two more more.  I also bought a mixed pack of fruit, it would most likely have been cheaper to buy a single apple, but I really fancied a bit of a selection for a change.

Breakfast Shopping

Banana - 13p
Classic Fruit Salad Mix - 85p

Total = 98p

Leaving me with 4p change from my £1.02


With most of the banana, a couple of spoonfuls of flour and some water I made a nice thick batter and made myself two pancakes.  I chopped half of the apples and the pineapple pieces out of the fruit salad up and simmered them in a little touch of water.  Once they were soft I whizzed them in my Nutribullet to make a sort of thick hot puree to have instead of syrup, it work really well and was delicious.  

Gosh that was a filling breakfast!!

Lunchtime Shopping

I can't find my receipt, but I do know the orange juice was 55p and the cucumber 43p.  I got these from Aldi as the  cheapest orange juice  in Sainsbury's was almost a pound, so by walking for ten minutes I got a 'free' cucumber  ... yes my brain does work in mysterious ways ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„


A nice picky, dippy plate with hummus, celery, cucumber slices and a toasted pitta bread.  Very tasty and all washed down with a half glass of my new orange juice, which is remarkably good for the price.

Teatime Shopping

Bag of French Fries - 59p
1 tomato - 16p
1 onion - 16p
1 carrot - 4p
 1 banana - 8p

Total = £1.03

Isn't it a joy when you are doing a Challenge like this one and you can shop in a supermarket with a weigh your own produce and print your own labels machine.  It takes away all the guesswork and means you can shop right up to your limit without worrying that you won't have enough money when you get to the checkout.  I sure appreciated this facility for this shop!!


Pizza and Chips

I made a nice rich tomato sauce with my half tin of leftover tomatoes, half of my new onion, the grated carrot, a bit of salt, a little curry powder, some of the fresh tomato and lots of pepper.  I was going to use it for my planned Pitta Pizza, but right at the last minute I changed my mind and used most of the leftover hummus instead, topped with the rest of the fresh tomato and a slice of onion.

It made for a simple but delicious tea, which was really good to sit down to at the end of a long day ... and now I have some pasta sauce maturing nicely in the fridge ready for tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

Cash Carried Forward

Food Carried Forward
2 cloves of garlic
3 lemon slices
a spoonful of hummus
1 pitta bread
1 banana
1/2 an onion
3/4 of a cucumber
3/4 carton of orange juice

Sue xx

Friday 16 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - Day Four


Day Four of my £1 a Meal Challenge dawned beautifully with the sun shining once again and highlighting on the worktop just how quickly my little stash of leftovers was building.  A cup of coffee and a few thoughts later and I knew exactly what I would do ... live for the day on my leftovers and use the overage from Day Three and todays £3 to buy some food for the local Foodbank instead.


So using my apple, the banana that I had popped into the freezer last night and picking out the spinach leaves from my bag of mixed leaves and then adding two spoonfuls of the oats I quickly whizzed up a breakfast smoothie.  It was delicious.

Then armed with my £4.06 I headed to Sainsbury's.

I forgot to take a photo of the food in my basket as I was concentrating on adding the prices up in my head, and then I got so excited to hit £3.06 exactly that I completely forgot I had £4.06 to spend.  Dropping the first lot of food into the Foodbank's box, I then went back around the store determined to buy something useful with the remaining pound.  Two kilos of pasta seemed a very good buy for just 98p.

In case you can't read the receipt here is what I bought:

1 jar of coffee
2 jars of jam
2 jars of marmalade
2 packets of biscuits
1kg of pasta shapes 
1kg of spaghetti

I'll be nice to myself and add the 2p change to my breakfast pound in the morning.


I finished off the last of the beans and used one of the pitta breads.  I honestly thought a pitta bread once toasted would go crisp like bread does, not in my toaster it doesn't it stays soft and floppy.  So it was more like beans on hot bread but hey-ho it was tasty and filling so I'm not grumbling ... much  ๐Ÿ˜‰


This was bloody gorgeous.  The curry sauce I made last night was whizzed up in the Nutribullet and then slowly reheated, the flavour was amazing.  I will definitely be making this again and definitely on the day before I want to eat it, as the flavours developed so well in 24 hours.  It was poured over my last potato which was par-boiled in wedge shapes and then finished off in the oven, and the last of the mixed leaves.  I added a couple of my half-sticks of celery so I had a bit of crunch to the dish.

Very filling and very, very tasty ... and I have at last made a bit of dent in the pile of leftovers that were building up.

Cash Carried Forward

Food Carried Forward
SR flour
3 cloves of garlic
1 stick of celery
1/2 tin of tomatoes
4 lemon slices
3 pitta breads

Back to normal tomorrow, when I will be going out armed with my £1.02 to buy my breakfast.  I hope it's a lovely sunny morning again, it's very nice going out first thing when the sun is shining and the shop is empty.

Sue xx

Thursday 15 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - Day Three

 It was ironic that on the morning I had £2.06 to spend on my breakfast I was just not hungry at all.  I wasn't going to shop just for shopping's sake even on a Challenge, so I left some of the porridge oats I bought yesterday to soak while we went out with the dogs.

When we got back I made the porridge and Alan helpfully gave it a bloody good stir for me while I was busy doing something else, this and a spot of over cooking made it very claggy and stodgy, so I only ate half of it. ๐Ÿ˜ž

Oh well there's always lunch I thought to myself.

Heading out with yesterdays overage of £1.06 plus this mornings unused £1, and now the lunchtime £1 saw me with a vast budget of £3.06 and do you know it made it harder rather than easier!!

At first I thought I'll splurge on a ready meal and I went into Booths, but I saw nothing that I fancied and just couldn't make up my mind what to buy.  I was about to buy some hummus when I suddenly pulled myself up short, why spend over a pound on hummus in Booths when I could get it much cheaper in Aldi.  So I left Booths and went 50 yards across the car park to Aldi ... and suddenly everything made sense.

Lunchtime Shopping

Mixed Leaves - 57p
Baked Beans - 22p
Coleslaw - 79p
Hummus - 69p

Total = £2.27

Leaving me with 79p still available.

A bit of everything I bought along with one of my remaining two potatoes.  Absolutely delicious and just what I needed.

Teatime Shopping

Microwave Rice - 45p
Tin of Tomatoes - 28p

Total = 73p

Before I have any comments telling me that this is the most expensive way in the world to buy rice, yes I know ... but I have so much rice in the cupboards here at the flat it seemed stupid to buy another kilo of rice that will obviously not be used up by the end of this week.  

I was also tired and hungry and looking for an easy tea to cook, I almost bought a jar of curry sauce to go with it, but I pulled myself together and bought a tin of tomatoes instead to add to my curry powder, half onion and some of the beans left over from lunch.  Easy rice is a real treat when you're tired and just want to sit and eat.

And with a handful of my lunchtime leaves, it made for a lovely tea.

Cash Carried Forward £1.06
... oooh a touch of deja vu here!!

Food Carried Forward
1 potato
porridge oats
SR flour
3 cloves of garlic
5 lemon slices
1 apple 
1 banana
most of a tub of hummus
1/2 tin of tomatoes
1/3 tin of baked beans
1/2 bag of mixed leaves
a portion of curry
4 pitta breads

The apple is now in the fridge and the banana is in the freezer as I'm planning to have a smoothie for my breakfast, I'll add some of the oats to that but I'm definintely not having porridge again ๐Ÿ˜€

Sue xx

Wednesday 14 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - Day Two

Day two and it was a lovely morning so I nipped over to Sainsbugs nice and early before the doggy walk.

Armed with my breakfast £1 plus the 30p carried forward from yesterday, I knew I could go for a nice healthy breakfast with a bit of fruit included.  I had a look at the prices when I was there yesterday and fruit is the most expensive thing to buy in the fresh food aisle and the majority of it is packed in plastic so you have to buy multiples, which although cheaper in the long run, for the purposes of this Challenge makes them out of my price range.

Bananas are always the cheapest fruit to buy.

A TIP -  if you're watching the pennies don't buy single bananas from Aldi unless they have really large ones available.  At Aldi they are charged at 13p per fruit regardless of size, at Sainsbury's you can get bananas starting at around 8p.

Breakfast Shopping

500g bag of oats - 60p
2 bananas - 18p
1 apple - 30p

Total £1.08

Leaving me with 22p change to carry forward.

My Breakfast

I was going to have the apple later for elevenses with a cup of coffee, but I just wasn't hungry.

Lunch Shopping

Bag of SR flour - 45p

Change = 55p

Leaving me with 77p to carry forward.

Some pastry made with oil was on the cards for lunch using the leftover stew from yesterday as the filling for a couple of pasties.  

With lots of extra pepper and some salt it made for a good pasty filling.  I compress my fillings into one of my breakfast bowls and then divide into two, et voila ... the right shape to fill a pasty with no air gaps.

They might not be the prettiest pasties in the world due to the pastry being so short it was like a deliciously savoury shortbread ...

... but they were so tasty I ate this one and then went on to try and eat the other.  

No chance once I got to almost halfway through I was so stuffed I offered it to Alan, who had already had his lunch, and he wolfed it down in a couple of minutes ... he's always happy to help ๐Ÿ˜

While the pasties were in the oven I used the same bowl to weigh out some flour to get a head start on tonight's tea.

And five minutes later my Tagliatelle was drying on a coat hanger ๐Ÿ˜€

Teatime Shopping

Haha ... this looks so random!!

I needed an onion and some garlic to make a tasty tomato sauce for my tagliatelle and as this really was all I needed when I spied the lemons for 30p I thought why not.  I have been missing my morning lemon slice in hot water and now I don't have to miss it anymore.

Onion - 16p
Garlic - 25p
Lemon - 30p

Total = 71p

With 29p change from this particular pound.


Tagliatelle with garlicky tomato sauce with a pitta garlic bread.  Gosh this was so tasty and so filling and added bonus ... I do not need to fear vampires tonight  ๐Ÿ˜„

Cash Carried Forward

Food Carried Forward
2 potatoes
half an onion
porridge oats
1 banana
1 apple
6 lemon slices
half a bulb of garlic
4 pitta breads

I'll be back tomorrow with Day Three, it's going to be good starting the day with extra money and I will be able to leave some oats soaking while I walk the dogs.

Sue xx