Sunday 14 October 2018

Day One - Meals

Breakfast = One bowl of porridge, made with 50g dry weight of oats and water.

Just the way I usually have it to be honest  :-)

Lunch = A bowl of Vegetable Soup.  (3)

Very tasty and very filling, 
I wasn't overly hungry so I didn't make any toast or anything to have with it.

After making all that lovely pasta sauce one portion of it was going to be the topping for some spaghetti for my tea, but time ran away with us and we had cinema tickets, so instead I had a couple of pieces of toast when we got back.

Not very exciting but enough after the large bowl of soup at lunch time, and enough to stop me waking up in the night hungry.  The orange marmalade that cost me the grand sum of 27p is surprisingly tasty, and this coming from someone who usually makes all her own marmalade and jam.

A plain and simple first day, with nothing of any great interest I guess, but I just wasn't hungry, I never am when I spend a lot of time in the kitchen chopping and prepping food.  Maybe I absorb food through the air whilst I'm chopping ... or more likely I usually eat out of boredom and when I'm busy I just don't need to eat as much.

Only three servings of my 5 a day consumed today, not good ... must do better.


(Number in brackets = 5 a day servings.)


  1. Well, as long as it's nourishing, tasty and filling, that's all that matters isn't it. Yours is certainly nourishing, with the porridge and all that veg. We make porridge with water and no sugar too, although I do like a splash of soya milk and some berries in mine at the end of cooking.

    1. PS Sue, I hope you don't mind me 'copying' you next month? Although our challenge will be slightly different, I'll be including some meat and doing it as £60 for the two of us.

    2. I don't think it's 'copying' at all as from what you said you were already planning something. It'll be interesting to follow along with you once you start.

      Including meat, unless you get some really good bargains, will be hard to do ... good luck :-)

  2. It looks delicious. I love home made soups, they are so tasty and no nasty artificial tastes. They are my go to lunches over the winter months.

    1. You do know exactly what you are getting in them, it's a great way to clear out the fridge each week too, and means that lunch is literally costing pennies and using up all the spare veggies, so absolutely no food wastage.


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