Sunday, 28 October 2018

Day Twelve - Meals

Breakfast was toast with spread and marmalade and a couple of coffees, 
while I was reading my way around Blog-land.

Lunch - a couple of cheese buns with LOTS of onion.  (1)

Washed down with a glass of orange juice.  (1)

Tea was lovely, a pasta bake made with two tubs of my pasta sauce, dolloped with some of the green pesto, and as I also made a portion for Alan he had his with some cut up chunks of venison sausages.  (3)

He owes me now for a portion of pasta sauce ... I'll talk about Swapsies tomorrow  ;-)

Managed to get to my 5 a day.



  1. Replies
    1. So am I. I realised if I kept giving my food away I would run out much quicker, this way it's at least balanced ... as long as the swapsies stay sensible!!


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