Monday 1 October 2018

First Challenge - Shopping and Eating for £1 a Day for 28 Days --- The Rules

I start my Challenge with a bare cupboard

Into it I can put a basic starter of store-cupboard items

Not to exceed £10 in value

Then I begin

This is a four week Challenge

So I have £28 for 28 days

I can spend it all at once


In dribs and drabs


I cannot use money off coupons or vouchers

Even those which arrive during the course of the Challenge

I may not dash from shop to shop hunting for yellow stickered bargains

But I can buy any bargains that I see when I'm out and about picking up my supplies

I must not drive for miles and miles for my shopping 

Just to save a couple of pennies

Although I can shop around for bargains locally

And switch my allegiance between different supermarkets

I will try to provide evidence of my spending in the form of shop receipts

Or screenshots of 

Which I will be using for comparison before I venture out with my limited funds

I can choose 3 homegrown items 

To add to my larder free of charge each week

I will photograph all meals

Even if it does get repetitive

Or boring

I will update this blog on a daily basis

To keep myself accountable

And entertained

If anyone finds this blog

I will answer all questions


Unless they are trolls 

Then I may swear, delete and be generally troll-like myself

I  have a limited patience threshold

Which might get even lower with hunger

You have been warned



  1. I am here. I will be reading! I loved your previous challenges! good luck!

  2. Great rules. Looking forward to catching up.

  3. Oh Sue I'm so happy to find you again!! I accidentally clicked onto your old blog and found this one. I know it sounds so weird coming from a total stranger but I missed your adventures...thank you for coming back to blogland. Amy from Florida


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