Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Day Four - It's All About the Weight

It all seems to be about weighing things at the moment.  

I had half of these beans the other day and used the remaining half today for my lunch today.   I had to make sure I had an equal amount of beans and sauce in each pot.  The weight includes the weight of the little dishes by the way  ;-)

Seemingly no matter how many beans or pulses you have they only count as one of your five a day.

First thing this morning I was weighing out the contents of one of my tins of peaches.

With these a third of a tin of drained peach slices is one of my five a day.

So I weighed out a third to add to my porridge.

I have been aware that I have had no fruit this week up to now, I'm much more of a vegetable girl, but I thought I'd show willing ....

They were much too sweet for me though  :-(

After lunch I sat with my leftover portion of mashed potato and carrot trying to decide what to make.  As soon as I wrote the word 'pasty' I knew that would be the decision.  I've been fancying something with pastry for a couple of days now.

I realised that to make a decent amount of pastry would take a lot of my dairy free spread, so I decided to'shop the fridge' and bought my own pack of Trex to add to my Challenge larder.  It would be daft to go out and buy another one when the date is nearly up on this pack and it needs using up.  It's 85p in all the shops according to so that's what I paid out of the Challenge money.

Meaning that I have the grand total of £9.47 left.



  1. I have found over the years that a 3rd of a tin of baked beans is an ideal portion for us, I weigh most of our food for portion control and I'm also a type 1 diabetic so for insulin use too. I love following your challenges. I have a budget for all our food, toiletries and cleaning and washing goods. We are a retired couple xx

  2. My budget is £100 per calendar month xx

    1. It does help get the expenditure under control doesn't it, knowing the portion sizes. That is a small but adequate budget for two if you know lots of money saving tips and eat sensibly.

  3. I manage to get through a third of a tin at a time and tend to freeze the rest in thirds for other times. I do tend to add a squidge of ketchup and a squidge of brown sauce to spice them up.

    1. Haha ... I wasn't on the same wavelength for a minute and was wondering what peaches with ketchup and brown sauce tasted like 😃😆🙃

  4. Have you tried rinsing the peach slices in water? Makes them less sweet, if they were tinned in syrup.

    1. That's a good idea, I might do this with my next tin when I open it :-)


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