Friday 3 May 2019

Down to Basics - Challenge Triggered

This is my food cupboard at the Van.

I hadn't realised how full it already was until I got back from a mooch around the shops.  It was the type of shopping trip done a bit here, a bit there, going back to the car with bags between various shops.  Crossing things off my list and then for some reason still shopping for more.

As I unpacked the bags when I got home my heart sank ... I'd only gone and done it again.  Backed myself into a corner piled high with foodstuffs that mostly weren't even needed immediately. 

I laid everything out and took photos.  They were things we needed yes, but not immediately.   The cereals for instance, yes I had just eaten the last two Weetabix for breakfast but there were still oats in the cupboard for porridge or bread in the freezer for toast, I could easily have managed for a week or two before buying anything else.  Also I didn't have to buy Alan a different sort of cereal, he would have been just as happy sharing the Weetabix, or porridge or toast.

I treated myself to some flowers to brighten up the Van for the Bank Holiday weekend along with my annual purchase of Gardeners' World magazine.  It's the issue with the two for one entry into various gardens around the UK.  This particular one came with gardening gloves and seeds as well.  Hopefully we will be able to make use of the offer card a few times this year, we didn't get round to it last year ... or the year before.

Another silly purchase?

Time will tell.

I also bought these ...

Three pretty notebooks.  I never regret buying stationery

But it was after photographing all these additional purchases that I spotted I still had one more bag to finish unpacking.

More food!!

So ... a Challenge has been triggered in a very natural way.  It's not the one I had in mind to do but it's a very needed one, and one if I do it properly and completely will lead neatly into the one I had in mind anyway.

It's starts NOW.

I'll be back tomorrow with more information, but long term and regular readers will have a bloody good idea what I'm going to do 😀



  1. Ermmm….would it be use everything up before buying anything else? That's quite an astonishing amount of stuff for you, Sue, no wonder your heart sank. It is very easy to do mindless shopping, though, if we don't keep our eye on the ball or we're preoccupied with something else - I know, I've done it myself enough times. Can't afford to do it anymore though. I look forward to seeing what you do with this Challenge - and the next. Your challenges always inspire me.

  2. You are a woman after my own heart when it comes to note books, lol. A girl can never have enough of them in my opinion.

  3. Ah,pretty note books, love them. I have to avoid the stationary aisle in every shop. My cupboards are still fairly well stocked up BUT we are eating down the freezers. At long last.

  4. Eat the stores! I wish I did a better job with this.

  5. I don't think I have ever seen your cupboards so full. Hope that I have figured out what this challenge is going to be.

    God bless.

  6. Love the notebooks! All seven of my grandbabies are picking up on the notebook love .. I keep a stash to share with them.

  7. Notebooks are always a Good Thing! Always!

  8. Oh Sue, I do it all the time. My cupboards and freezer are permanently full to bursting and STILL I go shopping! But I cannot currently drive as I have broken my foot. I've not been food shopping for an unheard of nine days, but there's barely a dent in the amount of 'stock' held! Husband would go if I asked him but I like food shopping; there's no joy in getting it done by someone else! Loki g forward to reading your new challenge. I love notebooks too and it seems we are not alone. I recently wrote a post on the very subject and I think it's a female obsession!

  9. I have soooo much stuff in my cupboards, can't resist buying a bargain when I see it, plus I bought extra of everything pre Brexit in case there was panic buying and I couldn't get what I wanted. Re the freezers, I had so much stuff in there, ingredients, that I couldn't make the meals as that would have made more stuff to store LOL. Thankfully, it's my one time of the year when I work full time for almost 7 weeks so I've made the decision not to buy anything unless I absolutely need it so your new Challenge is perfect for me to follow. I've got 3 bags of frozen vegetables so am going to be sampling hot salads with a mustard mayo dressing to try and use these up. Although, given how cold it is here in the Midlands at the moment, I'm in more of a soup mood! Savannah.


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