Monday 12 April 2021

Challenge Two - The £3 a Day Challenge - The Rules and Information

The £3 a Day Challenge starts today and to give myself a head start so that I have something to show you tomorrow after I have bought the meals, obviously I have to fill todays post up with something else other than the three shopping trips.  So here are The Rules I have set myself ... very minimal and basic rules 😄

I can have a basic store-cupboard larder to give me some back up.  It's pictured above and that is it, no other dipping into the cupboards or fridge for anything else  to pad out or flavour my meals. 

It includes:


Olive Oil

Basic Salt and Pepper

Stock Powder

Curry Powder

Mixed Herbs


I have £21 for my 21 meals for the week long Challenge.

The Challenge will run from Monday's breakfast until Sunday's tea.

Meaning that on each day for seven days I have £3 to spend.  

One pound of which I will take out with me each time I go out to buy the food for each meal.

I will go out armed with my own shopping bag and try to buy as little food in plastic as possible.

Any change can be carried forward to the next meals allowance or to the next day.

Any food not consumed can be carried forward to the next meal or the next days.

Yellow stickered foods are allowed, indeed they are positively encouraged.

I will take photos of the shopping and of any meals prepared from it.

I will post at least once daily for the whole week.

I think that's it!!

Now, for those of you who have only gotten to know me recently:

I don't eat any meat.

I do not and cannot eat anything containing dairy ... even a smidge.

I am allergic to avocados and duck or goose eggs ... random hey 😄

I try to limit my bread intake as it makes me feel podged.

There that should add some interest to this week and make things just that little bit harder!!

Back tomorrow with Day One.

Sue xx


  1. I’m really looking forward to reading about this, good luck!

  2. I too am looking forward to reading about this. I have now bookmarked this blog along with your other one.

  3. Interesting... but wish I had a better idea whether this amount is generous or stingy!! Can you buy a drink to go with your meal or do you provide from home?? At the current exchange rate $1.37 equals a pound I could not eat OUT three meals a day on about $4.00 !

    1. I not eating out, I'm shopping and cooking what I buy at home. I have coffee or water to drink. There is nowhere to eat out for £1 or less per meal.

    2. I think I could do it... not sure I want to try!! LOL

  4. A great start, Sue, I'm looking forward to following this challenge very much 🙂

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what you buy and prepare. I'm thinking oatmeal, lentils and rice are in your future :)

  6. This will be interesting to see what you buy and what you make from it. I will be checking back each day.

    God bless.

  7. It sounds great and I'm so looking forward to seeing your culinary creativity in action again. xx


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