Tuesday 30 October 2018

Day Fourteen - Basic Bean Burgers

Basic Bean Burgers

1 tin of Beans
1/3 Pack of Stuffing (about 60g)
Sprinkle of Garlic Granules
Handful of Porridge Oats

Mix them altogether.

And form into four Bean Burgers

I checked they were the right size to fill my little yellow stickered bread rolls and then popped them into the fridge to firm up.

Two of the burgers were wrapped in clingfilm and put into the freezer.  Then I sliced up an onion and got the ketchup on standby.

The other two were served for my tea on Day 11.  
They proved to be much too filling, one burger on a bun and a few potato wedges might have been better.

I'll be honest they weren't  overly flavourful, maybe a good sprinkle of my dried herbs would have made them  better but I didn't think they would need that with the stuffing mix being so 'herby', or maybe a sprinkle of chilli flakes if I had had some.  But with the nice chunky slices of onion and plenty of tomato ketchup they made a nice and completely different sort of meal.

Even though there was only a little bit of onion left over I saved it, and it became the onion in  the cheese and onion buns I had the next day.



  1. I was wondering about these - they sound up my alley. What kind of beans did you use? Should I know this? My excuse is that I am American ;)

    1. They were baked beans, like Heinz beans but a supermarket basic line. I think they are made from haricot beans cooked in a tomato sauce.

    2. ... and as pictured on the last post on top of the toast :-)

    3. Ok, that's what I assumed, but having eaten a black bean burger a couple if days ago I wondered if that was more the norm. I am sure they are all delicious.

  2. I find that a sprinkle of Worcester sauce enlivens anything that's a bit bland. I like Jack Monroe's spicy bean burgers.

    1. I do occasionally use a vegan version of Worcester sauce, but I've not got any in my basic storecuboard for this Challenge.


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