Tuesday 23 October 2018

Day Seven - Outside the Box

Gosh how many times in my working life have I heard that particular phrase?

I can't begin to count but it really does work doesn't it, all to often we trundle along doing what we have always done because we have always done it that way.  Sometimes we really do need to simply stop and ... think outside of the box.

It worked with my 'Pasta Pie' last week, and hopefully will work with other things over the next three weeks, we'll see.

Will hunger rob me of my imagination and suddenly crisp butties will be on the menu every lunch time, or will I keep on track ... hopefully the latter, although I might be tempted to get some Smartprice plain crisps from Asda ... at 12 packs for just 66p a crisp butty would be a nice little treat ... after a bowl of slightly more nutritious soup I'm thinking though  ;-)

What's your go to easy and simple lunch when all imagination fails you?



  1. Cheese on toast....or if I really can't be bothered, a chunk of cheese and some oatcakes and an apple. Or even just a selection of different bits of cheese! It's got to be cheese though in some form or other.

    1. That sounds lovely, simple but still tasty and healthy 😊

  2. Bagel and cream cheese. I could eat that for every meal!!!

  3. Fish finger butties. Not cheap but I was pleased to note that my preferred brand was one of the top 15 approved sustainable brands published yesterday. Crisp Sammies come a close second.

    1. Not cheap, but delicious, my boys used to LOVE them with lots of tomato sauce, I preferred mayonnaise. And I still love a good crisp butty :-)


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