Thursday 1 November 2018

Day Sixteen - Three From Home

For once this week's three from the tunnel aren't all from the tunnels ... I thought as a one off I would include half a dozen of our eggs, so two things from the polytunnel and half a dozen eggs from the hen-house.

  I don't eat many eggs these days, just the odd one now and again, but I thought six eggs over the remaining two weeks of the Challenge would be good to have in.

I weighed out the spinach stalks and then bagged them and put them into the freezer, they will be a welcome nutritional addition to a pot of soup.

The spinach leaves were also washed and then spun dry before being weighed, and then they were wrapped in kitchen paper and bagged.  At the back of my mind was maybe buying a couple of apples and bananas and having a breakfast or mid-morning Nutriblast to try and improve my veg and fruit intake.

The tomatoes from the polytunnel needed using straight away as some of them were getting a touch squishy, so they were chopped, weighed ...

... added to some celery ...

... and some chopped onion ...

... and roasted in the top oven of the Aga for forty or so minutes.  Then they joined some brown rice to become my tea, you can't get much fresher than that can you.



  1. Good idea to use those eggs. In a different context, you'd be using as much home produced stuff as you possibly could and eggs are great protein as well as being very flexible - I mean you can use them in so many things!
    And the flavour of home laid eggs . . . oh, my!

    1. I think it was swapping some of my beans for a little Pekin egg the other day that got me thinking about eggs :-)


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