Saturday 27 October 2018

Day Eleven - This Week's Three

The Net Tunnel is a wild and wacky place at the moment, but there is food in there ... lots of lovely food.  Luckily most of it is the sort of foods that you leave in the ground and harvest as and when you need it, so it stays there until just then.

We have cauliflowers, cabbages, leeks, carrots, turnips and some potatoes that are still waiting to be tipped out.  I'm sure there are more bits and bobs but I can't remember and it's raining here too hard to go and check!!

This week I am having two from the tunnels :

Spinach and Baby Leeks.

The Spinach stems washed and chopped, and then weighed before being popped into the freezer ready for soup making.

The leaves were briefly blanched and then chopped and are being frozen as cubes.

Two cubes make half of one of my five a day.

I have also chosen Apples as my other allowable three homegrown items each week.  Mostly because the winds of last week brought down ALL the apples from our young apple tree in the orchard and I wanted to use up the slightly bruised ones.  The others have been stored in the Apple Store in the shed. 

 But also because I want to up my fruit consumption slightly.

I chose the four that needed to be used first, they have been photographed 'good side up' but they were a bit bruised and needed dealing with straight away.

So they were peeled, cored, sliced and then dropped into salted water for a while.  Before being patted dry ...

... and boxed up ready for the freezer.

I think a spot of Apple Crumble is called for, or maybe a pie or pasty.



  1. You can see why digging for victory was so very important when money and availability were both so low. It all looks wonderfully fresh and tasty.

    1. It was very important wasn't it, I learnt that when I did the wartime challenge at the start of this year. It's a shame more people don't realise that even growing something is better than growing nothing. Even with no land I think I would still have a trough of herbs and a few pots of spinach, kale and spring onions. Which actually is exactly what I do at our caravan :-)

  2. Thanks for the reminder - have been meaning to prep some apples we were given for the freezer!

    1. It's very satisfying once they're done isn't it :-)

  3. :-)) It is so nice to get a flavouring of your previous writing as shown on your other blog with this post about your food in the tunnel. Always inspiring are you.....


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