Tuesday 13 November 2018

Day Twenty Two - Meals

Breakfast - Two slices of toast with spread and marmalade.

This toast is worth every penny of the extra 30p the loaf cost me and the marmalade is lasting really well because it's really strongly flavoured so I only need a little each time.

Lunch was a jacket potato with beans and cheese. (1)

I had just started making my tea when I realised how hungry I felt, as the brown rice was about to take forty minutes to cook I treated myself to a toasted crust with some more spread and marmalade.

Tea - Red Lentil Dahl with brown rice. (1)

Although it looks like a dollop of sludge as I accidentally overcooked it, it tasted gorgeous.

Luckily there are leftovers for tomorrow  :-)

Only 2 of my 5 a day - a poor day



  1. As long as it tastes good and is nutritious, that's what matters isn't it. Think you need a bit of green stuff though Sue ;-) (says the woman who didn't start eating veggies until she was in her 30s! lol).

    1. I definitely do!! As I was looking at these photos I thought to myself a good handful of peas in that rice would have been perfect. I am already redressing the balance today ... don't worry ;-)

  2. You are racing towards the finish line now.
    Are you finding this challenge easier than the others you've taken part in?
    I must agree that a bit of green, however tasty the Dahl and rice was, would do wonders for
    the looks of it and for your 5 a day.
    Have you any beetroot in your tunnel?

    1. No, no beetroot this year. Mice ate all my baby plants ☹

  3. Nearly done and you've been amazingly inventive with what you've had.

    1. Yep, I'm heading towards the finish line :-)


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