Thursday, 29 November 2018

Day Four - 14 in 7

Breakfast - one slice of dry toast and coffee.

I was dreading this, but using this nice multigrain bread from Tesco and eating it while it was still nice and warm made it pretty tasty.

It wasn't very filling though and an hour later I was starving ... cue far too many drinks, I felt like I was 'liquid woman' ... slosh, slosh, slosh.

Alan caved in and had some butter on his, just a light smear but definitely butter, naughty boy!

Lunch - a fruit smoothie.

and Spinach. 

Again the spinach is a naughty addition, but it is a food on the diet plan and it makes my fruity drink much more palatable. 

Tea - once again an Egg Salad.

It's the same photo as last time, but then it looked like exactly the same meal as last time so forgetting to take a photo was not the end of the world 😊

Guess what was for supper ... yep no prizes, it was another grapefruit. 

Today was the hardest day up to now, perhaps it was being here on my own, or not having so much to do, I don't really know ... but I almost caved in.  There is a big bag of vegan cheese and onion crisps in the cupboard that seemed to be calling out my name.

But I stayed strong and with a final cup of coffee took myself off to bed for a read and an early night.



  1. I think your willpower is amazing. As you are posting after the event you must be nearly at the end in real time.
    You definitely have more will power than me!

    1. This has been partly to test my willpower as it has been sadly lacking in recent months/years 😆

  2. Well done - amazing strength of purpose. It really is extremely restrictive, isn't it?
    I'm very much looking forward to hearing the outcome in a few days.

    1. Me too! Yes, incredible willpower.

    2. I'm either going to scrape through or go mad ... let's see which comes first 😆😃🤣

  3. I'm hoping that you've reached the end successfully and that it was valuable weight wise especially for Alan.
    If it were real time I would say that you are over half way so keep going or you'll be cross with yourself!

    1. I'll be bloody furious if I cave in 🙃🙃🙃

  4. I'm so impressed. And now you are over the halfway point!

  5. I too am so impressed with your will power. You are doing amazing.

    1. Thank you, you're all being very supportive 😊

  6. I'm so impressed with how well you are doing. Is it mandatory on the diet that you have the grapefruit for supper? That's a long time to go to breakfast and your piece of dry toast!!! Yikes! You have way more willpower than I do I'm afraid. Good for you!


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