Thursday 15 November 2018

Day Twenty Four - Meals

I was hungry this morning, happily I had the small smoothie I made yesterday to see me through ...

... while a slice of toast was toasting in the toaster.

So a two part breakfast of smoothie and toast with spread and marmalade.  (1)

I ate out for lunch as I was in Manchester visiting my Mum, so no photo.  I had fish, chips and peas in the Wyevale restaurant, and very nice it was too.  It made a very pleasant change for someone else to do both the cooking and the washing up.  (1)

For my tea I had my leftovers from the other night, so brown rice and dahl and a little dahl pasty made with my leftover pastry circle that I remembered to take out of the freezer before I left this morning.

Dahl in a pasty works VERY well.  (1)

Later for supper, when Alan was back from work we had a little Mandarin Orange Tart each, made from the little pastry cases I pre-cooked the other day and splitting the tin of Mandarin pieces equally between them.  Again very tasty.  (1)

4 of my 5 a day managed.



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