Friday 16 November 2018

Day Twenty Five - Meals

Breakfast - a slice of toast with spread and marmalade ...

...closely followed by another slice ☺

Dinner - a bowl of 'Bits and Bob's soup with a couple more slices of toast.  (2)

That's all my second loaf used up now, I have just the one I bought yesterday to keep me going until the end of the Challenge, which should be fine ... although I have noticed I've been eating this tastier, slightly more expensive loaf a lot faster than the cheap, brown boring value bread.

We're away now ... but this time the food that I have left has travelled with us!!  So you'll see different backgrounds and slightly different crockery ... and I'm sharing some of my foods to keep the cooking simple.   (2)

So last night's tea was the last tub of my pasta sauce made during the first week of the Challenge, it partially thawed on the journey so didn't take long to cook, a sprinkle of my cheese on my portion, and Alan used his own but did have 100g of my spaghetti ... so once again he owes me 😊

This bartering of pasta is confusing ... lol 😆

4 of my 5 a day accomplished 



  1. :-) It can be easy to forget who has used what, I think.

    1. It's keeping me on my toes for sure, I'm determined to keep things straight.


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