Sunday 11 November 2018

Day Twenty - Using It Up

I've been in a sort of use it up, wear it out kind of mood these past few days, and with this in mind I thought I would make a batch of pastry using the last of the Trex from the fridge, with however much spread I needed to balance it out, and with obviously double the weight of flour to keep the measurements correct.  

A pinch of salt, a bit of rubbing in, then a splash of water and a few minutes later I had two balls of pastry weighing in together at 1lb 4ozs ... isn't it weird that I weigh for baking in imperial measures yet everything else I do is in metric ... yes I baffle myself sometimes!!

If I decide I need any more pastry for a recipe I am going to try Thrifty Lesley's Making Pastry with Oil recipe blogged about HEREAfter all I have lots of oil and quite a bit of flour left.

So now I'm going to raid the fridge and see what fillings I can come up with to use up some or all of my now rested pastry.  I love things in pastry.

Oh ... and in other news I think I mentioned about using the last of my beans the other day, guess what I found in the cupboard hiding behind the bag of self raising flour ... yep, a tin of beans.  Never has finding a tin of beans made me so happy  :-)



  1. I must be weird too then...I do some baking measurements in metric, others in imperial, usually things that I was taught/learnt donkeys years ago, like pastry and Victoria sponge.

    Congrats on finding the tin of beans - how fortunate! What are you going to do with them? I've been putting cheap tinned beans in homemade soups lately, when whizzed up it makes them thick and creamy. And of course it makes them go further (that's if I can stop husband from having another bowl!).

    1. Beans in soup to make it creamier is a brilliant idea, I may try that. Thanks :-)

  2. Lesley's recipe works really well, even for me, who cannot make decent pastry to save my life!

    I use metric for almost everything except car distance where I still use miles. I had to teach in metric for so long that it was easy.

    1. I'm guessing we are the last generation that will be equally proficient, or equally bad, at both imperial and metric.

  3. I love the tin of beans discovery!
    I almost felt excited for you.😂

    1. Haha ... ridiculous isn't it. I somehow had it in my mind that I had used all four tins.


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