Wednesday 14 November 2018

Day Twenty Three - Three from Home

I was asked what my three from home would be this week in one of the comments on Monday so I had a little think.  I didn't feel I needed much this week as I have lots of food left to use up, so I decided to simply take the very last of the Tomatoes from the polytunnel, a sprig of Rosemary and one of Thyme from the tin bath full of herbs outside the back door.

They will be a little burst of fresh flavour to add to a tray of tomatoey, peppery sauce I'm making later and a good way to celebrate a Summer of delicious home grown tomatoes.

Last night's tea was a dahl, I needed to follow an extremely simple recipe as I didn't have many things to play with. 

 The recipe I found called for just lentils, curry paste, sunflower oil and seasoning.  
Well I could sort of manage that  :-)

As you can see from the  ingredients picture I went mad and added a couple of slices from my last onion.  My thinking was that as I didn't have the curry paste, I needed something else to help the curry powder have a bit more body and flavour.  It worked a treat.

The resulting dish looked a bit sludge-y as I left the dahl mixture in the oven while the brown rice was cooking, so any semblance of red colouring was long gone.  But, and this is the main thing, it tasted divine and is something I'll definitely be making again.



  1. It's amazing how long the tomatoes have gone on for this year. I still have a few to pick on my outside plants. Yours look fantastic!

    1. It's been a good years for homegrown tomatoes hasn't it :-)


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