Wednesday 14 November 2018

Day Twenty Three - Meals

Breakfast - a Nutriblast

Made with one banana, one apple and rather a lot of large spinach leaves.  (3)

I made slightly too much, so I will be saving the smaller glass for tomorrow's breakfast, it's nice to be ahead of the game   :-)

Later, unusually for me,  I had the nibbles ... so I made myself two slices of toast with spread and marmalade to go with my mid-morning coffee.

After giving in to the nibbles I wasn't hungry at lunchtime so I did some errands before coming back to make my tea.

I had plans to use the last tin of tomatoes, along with my last homegrown tomatoes and the fresh herbs, I also meant to use the last of the bag of the frozen peppers ... but I forgot!!

I didn't realise until the tray of oven roasted veg cam out of the oven for me to add my pasta to.

But I still had a lovely tea of roasted vegetables and Penne pasta.  (2)

It doesn't look much here ...

... until you see my pasta bowl side by side with my usual cereal/soup bowl.

Haha ... yes it was very filling.

 And I managed my 5 a day .. yay !!



  1. Congrats on your 5 a day! Your pasta dinner looks good, fortunately that's what I have on the menu for tonight. I'm going to try the lentil dahl soon, I have some red lentils that have been in the cupboard for ages. I assume they're still okay. Do you think the dahl would taste okay over a baked potato?

    1. Dahl would taste lovely over a baked potato :-)

  2. I bought a nutribullet a few weeks back and really enjoy them I have one for lunch everyday in the week, and I am slowly losing weight, people seem to think green smoothies are yuk, but I love them.

    1. I'be been using mine for years now, it's brilliant both as a smoothie maker and as a mini liquidiser for pasta sauces and suchlike :-)

      I'm really enjoying this weeks really simple drinks, just a banana, an apple and some spinach ... I think it's my go to recipe from now on.


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