Monday 12 November 2018

Stocktaking - End of Third Week

The end of the third week and things are still looking okay in the cupboard.

I have:

450g Porridge Oats
640g  SR Flour
350g Red Lentils
900g Brown Rice
300g Brown Penne Pasta
200g White Spaghetti 
(swapped because Alan ate 200g of my brown)
2/3 Tub Gravy Mix
1 tin Tomatoes
1 tin Baked Beans  :-)
1 tin mandarin Pieces
1 tin Sardines

It's looking pretty healthy in the freezer.

I have:

9 slices Bread (and 3 crusts)
50g Grated Cheese
Lemon Slices and juice
Spinach Cubes
1 tub Pasta Sauce
1 tub Soup
1 tub Tomato and Onion Sauce
1 little Pastry disc
340g Sliced Peppers
2 Homemade Vegetable Pies
4 homemade Quiche bases
1 portion Apple Crumble
3.5 Bananas (chopped up)

The fridge is a bit sparser.

I have:

3 tubs of Bits and Bobs Soup
1/3 jar of Green Pesto
1/2 jar of Marmalade
4 Eggs
100g Flora Spread

And down in the drawer I have:

Spinach Leaves
1 Brown Onion
4 Apples
and one bartered half Red Onion

In the cupboard there are my four baking potatoes from last weeks shopping.

And out on the worktop I have the remains of my 10 for under £10 store cupboard items.  These are holding up pretty well, I'm pleasantly surprised ... but then there is just one of me doing this particular Challenge so I guess that can be expected.

 I spent £2.33 on this weeks shopping, meaning an overall spend of £23.72 in the first three weeks of the Challenge.

Which means I have £4.28 left for my final weeks shopping.



  1. I am amazed how well your stores are holding up though I shouldn't be after reading other challenges you've done.
    I loved the smile by the baked beans. Another smile moment for me.
    Thanks for your reminder about Lesley's pastry, I must try it too. Part of the reason I said it wasn't a pretty sight is because usually the collapse happens between plate and open mouth which can be messy and embarrassing,
    Have you decided what your final week's shopping and 3 for free are going to be yet?

    1. I need to think about this weeks shopping and three from home, I don't think there's much I need at the moment ... which is a very good position to be in :-)

  2. Wow, you've done so well on this Challenge, Sue, I'm seriously impressed. Lots to choose from to make the last week's meals interesting.

    1. I think the only reason I've been able to do this is because I have made good use of all the leftovers, and have taken bits from one meal to start another, which means that some of the whole packets and tins have remained unopened.


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