Thursday 8 November 2018

Day Seventeen - Meals

Breakfast - Porridge

Mid morning my final glass of orange juice. (1)

I wasn't hungry at lunchtime so I just had my final portion of peach slices.  (1)

was hungry at tea-time so I used my last three potatoes, my last two carrots, my last little bits of celery and two of my last three onions. 

You could call it a last supper ... but I'll just call it a pan of Vegetable Stew  ;-)

It was very tasty, and even after sharing a dish with Alan ...  (2)

... there were leftovers.

I also ate my last two slices of my original loaf of bread with my soup, so there's just the crust left from that now, which I think is destined to become breadcrumbs.

And of course I have plans for both the vegetables and the stock.

But just 4 of my 5 a day managed.



  1. You are doing really well. I have a fruit smoothie 5 days for breakfast, which includes 2 fruit portions. Usually another piece of fruit with lunch, which is often vegetable soup. Some days though, I don’t manage my daily allowance.

    1. The bananas and apples bought the other day are both destined for smoothies during this coming week. The bananas are already chopped up and frozen ready to be used. I think it's the only way I really like fruit.


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