Thursday 15 November 2018

Day Twenty Four - Shopping

I thought, briefly, that I would just manage through this last week of the Challenge on the foods that I had in the fridge, freezer and cupboard, but then I thought nope I won't ... it's time to go shopping.

I needed some fresh stuff to perk up the things I had left and since I had the money to be able to buy myself some I decided that that is exactly what I would do.

I tried to buy veggies of different colours to make my five a day more interesting and healthy, so I decided on green, red and orange.   Lettuce and celery,  beetroot and red onion and carrots and orange juice, which along with a fresh loaf will help me see this week out in nutritious style.

The salad drawer looks much better now.

And Suky approves  :-)

It came to a grand total of £3.52.

Meaning I still have 76p to splurge before Day 28.



  1. I know that it doesn’t really matter what food looks like as long as it's nourishing and tastes good but your purchases will add
    Life to your last week's meals.
    If we have been away and living on hotel or cafe meals I’m always desperate for some fresh vegetables.
    What will you have to celebrate your achievement at the end of the month?

    1. It is nice to have some fresh and vibrant foods in the fridge again.

      I guess a glass or two of wine and some nibbles will help me celebrate the end of this Challenge, then it's straight into the next one ☺🙃😀


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