Monday 26 November 2018

Day One - 14 in 7

Day One - Meal One

Tinned tomatoes on toast, weirdly something I've never had before.  

 Verdict - delicious.

Lunch, if you can call it that, was supposed to be lots of fresh fruit.  I don't like fruit that much, so I whizzed it up in the Nutribullet.

(Not strictly right but I needed something to get rid of the sweet edge.)

Tea - Salad with Hardboiled Eggs
Tasty and surprisingly filling.

Followed for supper by a grapefruit. 

  I can honestly say I have never before managed to eat a grapefruit without a thick layer of crunchy sugar on top ... but somehow I did it.  With a lot of face pulling of course!

So the first day wasn't too bad, lots of cups of coffee were drunk and quite a few glasses of water ... why did predictive bring up wine when I put 'lots of glasses of ...' 😅

Anyway I survived and I wasn't too hungry at bedtime, and because we were doing this Challenge together we both knew how the other was feeling ... hungry mainly!!



  1. Amazing that you've never had tomatoes on toast before! It all looks good - well, other than the shake, ones that have veggies in or are green or sludgy coloured put me right off, I'm afraid ;-)

    I'm following with interest and hope you get through the week ok, Sue. You've inspired me (again) to give a similar thing a go ourselves, thanks, it was the kick up the bum I needed.

    1. I know ... I've just never thought to do it. I'll be having it a lot from now on 😊

      I love green smoothies, but not so much this sludge coloured one ... it's the blackberries that do this to it.

  2. A week is a shoprt time - I guess the 'danger' will be if you go bananas when you've finished the week and have loads of stuff you've not been allowed to have.
    The shake looks like chocolate!!! :-)

    1. I agree, but I think all the grapefruit is going to kill my tastebuds so perhaps I won't want to eat as much's hoping 😉

      It's the blackberries that turn it this very unappealing colour ☹

  3. I love tomatoes on toast though preferably cooked in butter which would not work for you this week.
    The diet sounds similar to one that was called the grapefruit diet in the sixties. I tried it but found it too acid. If I remember rightly each meal had to have half a grapefruit in it.
    Good luck for the rest of the week.

    1. I thought of The Grapefruit Diet when I first read about this one, there are a lot of similarities.


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