Friday 30 November 2018

Day Five - 14 in 7

Breakfast - yep same photo  ... there's no real way to make a slice of dry toast and a cup of black coffee look different, so I didn't even try. 

Lunch - the same smoothie.  Banana,  apple and spinach.

Today seems a boringly repetitive day.

I was so looking forward to my tea.

Two salmon fillets, cooked in the microwave to save gas, and a salad of lettuce, celery, cucumber and ... naughty naughty ... some red onion.  Not on the diet plan at all, but I had run out of tomatoes and didn't have the energy nor the inclination to go and get any.

Another hard day, every time I felt a bit hungry my brain played the same soundtrack.   'Why are you doing this, you don't have to do this you know, there's food in the cupboards, go to the shops buy a chocolate bar, there's crisps in the cupboard.'  

Over and over again!

All your comments and encouragement are a great help, thank you.  They are totally helping drown out the pathetic whiney voice in my head.  So I  can honestly say I totally ignored that bloody stupid voice and stayed strong.  I did drink rather a lot of coffee and sparkling water though, no wonder I was up in the night and very early in the morning.



  1. Well done for staying strong and ignoring that voice! You're doing brilliantly, considering your diet is SO restrictive. We've not strayed on our diet, but ours isn't nearly as restrictive (or, dare I say it, boring) as yours....even so, I'm still glad it's the last day of ours!

    1. I've just realised my comment may have come across as a bit rude....I didn't mean to be rude, honest! I just meant the meals you've had have been very restrictive, repetitive and plain, sorry

  2. I think you're doing brilliantly. I would have caved and eaten those crisps already. 😃 Only two days left, you can do it! X

  3. Really well done! It really isn't easy and those voices can be so insistent but you have stayed so strong!

  4. Well done for not nibbling when you got up in the night!
    That's where I would fail!

  5. Well done, keep going, you are nearly there. I know I am only adding to what others are saying but as you say the encouragement helps we are going to keep it up.

  6. Hang in there, you're doing great!! Just imagine how successful you'll feel when you hit the finish line. Get mad at that little whiney voice in your brain, trying to sabotage the real you. All of us are cheering for you, "You can do it, Yes you can! If Sue can't do it, Nobody can!"

  7. Thanks EVERYONE. You're all brilliant, it's great to have you 'in my corner' 😊

  8. It all looks nice to me, I am eating sensibly in the week and having a treat at the weekends (just baked cookies) and it seems to be working well for me, I am still losing a few pounds every week, and I am so into the smoothies, the nutri bullet was a good investment.

  9. I really needed to read this. I have absolutely no will power these days. You’re really helping me to realize I can find it! Thanks. And, stay strong.


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