Monday 19 November 2018

Day Twenty Eight - Meals

Final day

 Breakfast - my last egg scrambled, the last of my dairy free spread on both slices of toast  ... and of course coffee.

A drink of orange juice each mid-morning.  (1)

Time to make some fish cakes.

I kept it simple, really simple.  Just the tin of Sardines in tomato sauce and a potato.  I zapped the washed and pricked potato in the microwave and peeled it after cooking.  They were then mashed together with a little bit of salt and pepper and then shaped into two good sized fish cakes.

I had them with the last of my penne pasta and the tub of tomato and onion pasta sauce from the freezer.  It was delicious and VERY filling. (2)

A very good final meal for the end of my 28 day Challenge.

I'll be back tomorrow with a round up of what I have left and my thoughts about this Challenge.



  1. Congratulations! It's been fascinating to read about it all. You have some stuff left over, don't you?

    1. Thank you. Thanks for reading aling. Yes, there's stuff leftover. I'll be back with photos and a round up tomorrow.

  2. Well done. I'm almost sorry your challenge is over because it's been so interesting and has encouraged me to scratch round my cupboards and be inventive.
    Fish cakes are on the menu for tonight!
    Looking forward to hearing what remains in your store and how it feels to have free choice if only for a few days.

    1. The fishcakes were lovely, sometimes it's nice to keep things simple. Photos of the remains tomorrow ... and no free choice. We're both doing a strict 7 day Challenge that's started this morning. I'll be blogging about it retrospectively as I have a busy working week.

  3. Well done on successfully doing that challenge and good luck for whatever comes next

  4. I've enjoyed following this last month and have learnt a few things along the way. Looking forward to reading about your next challenge!

    1. Thank you for reading, It's really helped keep me on the straight and narrow and keeping going through to the end knowing that a few people were 'keeping an eye on me' ☺

  5. I’ve really enjoyed this and looked forward to reading each blog post. Well done!


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